The Company: WeWork


How WeWork Used Word Cloud to Engage Attendees

The Company: WeWork

A company offering shared workspaces, WeWork started in 2010 and has only grown even more since its 2 founders decided to build not just beautiful, shared office spaces, but communities where like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and other enterprises could flourish and grow together.

The simple dream of building a community for startups and entrepreneurs has since turned into a company of $886 million in revenue, with over 90% of revenue linked to memberships. Reaching over 440 locations in 28 countries, WeWork employs some 10,000 employees and services nearly 430,000 regular members and 115,000 enterprise members.


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The Challenge

In the midst of expanding, WeWork was gearing up to host an important meeting with a group of potential partners. Although this was not the first such conference that WeWork had hosted, it was the first time that they decided to use an event app.

Micepad had supported a seminar attended by Stephanie Zellhoefer, Director of PxWe Experience in APAC, who found it perfect for the meeting. She decided to approach Micepad.

It was time for an update! We wanted the meetings to be just as innovative, fresh and about connecting people as WeWork itself.

Our Micepad liaison, Jeff, was very attentive to our needs. There were little glitches here and there, but nothing Jeff wasn’t on top of.

Stephanie Zellhoefer


The meeting was a top priority, Stephanie told Micepad. Engagement was key - getting the attendees to participate, ask questions and give feedback were absolutely essential.

The Solution

Micepad worked closely with Stephanie to complete a full team onboarding, ensuring that the WeWork team was able to understand and use the platform. Onsite staff support was also provided to resolve any issues on the spot.

Together with Micepad, WeWork launched their very first paperless event with in-app discussions and live polling. The team’s seamless support and years of experience helped Stephanie and her team to quickly adopt the app into their own management system and host the conference to great success.

The Result

The meeting was a great success and Stephanie was more than satisfied by how they were able to showcase creativity, technology and efficiency altogether. Her team praised the ease of uploading content and details onto the app, while guests were pleased with the ease of use.

The most excellent part of it all was the Micepad team, she said, for their excellent service and professional attitude. 






Word Cloud

“[They were] absolutely terrific, my team and my clients were equally impressed. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and colleagues. 10/10.” - Stephanie