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Improve your trainees' focus and retention

Optimize your workshop with...

Just-in-time learning materials

Supplement your live training sessions with downloadable prepared content during lessons.

boosted micro-learning experience

Use our gamification functions on your lesson activities and boost learning retention rates.

Easily adapted content

Freely duplicate previous training content for subsequent workshops and make changes in real-time.

Engage your trainees...


We all know that pre-workshop planning and communication is just as, if not more, important than during. 

But coordinating an event is already a heavy affair, which is why we'll help you send out your emails once you've gotten your mailing list!


Now that your workshop is a go, it's time to kick things into action and make sure your trainees have a blast!

The surest sign of success for a training workshop is the lesson retention rate of attendees. Boost this by involving trainees in polls, quizzes or other activities.

Use our handy toolkit to gamify your lessons - you can even make adjustments to questions or topics just before you take them live!


If you are planning a workshop, chances are that you will be teaching the same lessons to another batch. Whether it's a month or a year later, it'd be a waste of time and effort to recreate and re-upload all your educational content.

With Micepad, you can simply duplicate your previous workshop with all your former settings and content and make adjustments as required! 

Additionally, you can also keep past workshops live for up to a month post-training in order to encourage trainees to download the educational resources.

Ready to get started?

Micepad gives you a scaleable way to engage your audience and improve ROI.