Product Updates

Admin Panel Navigation Update

Over the past two months, we have been working hard on making our Admin Panel easier to use for our event organisers. In this first of many updates to come, we have focused on improving user navigation to make features more accessible and easier to understand.*Please note that the screenshots may differ from what you

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Micepad on Tablet / iPad

Announcing Micepad’s Newest RSVP Feature

Event coordinators are ranked the fifth most stressful job in 2016. For obvious reasons, attention to detail matters a lot in this job because you can’t afford too many things to go wrong during your event. Like many organisers out there, you must have found the registration process to be extremely bothersome especially if you

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Micepad iPad Setup on Table

Announcing: New Synchronised Slides Function

While mobile applications have proven to be a lot more convenient, effective and efficient, this technology has still not yet reached its full potential across the world. Why? One reason could very well be the control the organisers’ feel they lose, as well as the distraction that they perceive. Then again with mobile phones being

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