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8 Must Have Features For Every Event App

8 Must Have Features for Every Event AppSometime ago, we discussed the various reasons why you should create an event app for your next set of events. Here, you can choose to create standalone apps for each event or develop a branded app that can be used to host diverse events.If you are also interested

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4 ways an event app enhances audience engagement

4 ways an event app enhances audience engagementA recent research study indicated that no less than 60% of marketers involved in event planning and management get better attendee engagement with an event planning software. Of the 40% who do not already use event apps, 75% of them have the intention of adopting such technology in the

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How Live Polls and Q&A affect Audience Engagement

Gain relevant audience insights and empower your audience to raise and discuss the questions and topics that impact them and your event the most. The Definitive Difference of Using Live Polls and Q&A Boards Have you ever heard of crowdsourcing? The difference between formulating your own questions and crowdsourcing the most significant questions related to

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