The Client: Ministry of Education


How Micepad Helped MOE Engage Attendees Across 3 Venues

The Client: MOE

Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE), is part of the Government of Singapore that directs the formulation and implementation of policies related to Education in Singapore. It oversees education from Primary 1 to tertiary institutions.









The Challenge

Streamlining registration and check-in process for 1 event held at 3 separate locations. Additionally, combining all Q&A and poll results from each location for speakers to reply to.

Prior to using Micepad, the annual MOE Town Halls faced a great difficulty in accommodating all attendees. Due to space constraints, it was impossible to house all 3000+ attendees in a single venue while keeping up security standards. This thus created the problem of engaging those attendees not in the main hall. Projecting the talks across all 3 venues was doable, but only people located in the main hall were able to pose questions.

Additionally, with each subsequent year, the queues at the check-in stands had become longer and longer, making manual registration no longer a viable solution. Collating the data was also becoming more and more difficult as attendee numbers surged.

Pei Ni

Communications and Engagement Officer

Micepad is great! Now the other guests in different venue can ask the speakers questions and raise concerns during the meeting too.

The Solution

Micepad was chosen by MOE for our security standards and ability to support large scale events. By syncing up all the projector screens in each venue, Micepad was able to set up cross-venue Q&As, polls, word clouds and consolidate all the feedback forms into a single report. To ensure no hiccups in the process, onsite support is dispatched to provide assistance.

The Result

The staff were impressed by the ease with which Micepad was able to coordinate responses and organise them for moderators to approve and disapprove.

Not only did Micepad App reduce the amount of printed materials, but it also allowed easy compilation of feedback, login numbers, and other important statistics without hours of tedious effort. 









What's Next?

MOE has presently continued to use Micepad for their town halls. Additionally, since the first town hall in 2017, MOE has utilised Micepad for a wider variety of internal events and is looking to expand their usage to more branches.

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