The Company: Merck


How Micepad Helped Merck Increase Engagement by 300% 

The Company: Merck

Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. is at the forefront of medical research. With a Mission to “discover, develop and provide innovative products and services that save and improve lives around the world”, Merck frequently organises medical conferences and seminars.

Doctors and nurses all over the world attend Merck conferences to learn more about new research methods, study results and technology that could help their various fields.









The Challenge

Sandra Hon, Merck Group’s marketing manager for Singapore, Taiwan and Asia Pacific Strategic Events, had heard of event apps for several years, however, she had not considered using one until Micepad approached her in 2017.

Medical conferences are typically a dry affair, focusing on discussing extremely technical subjects. Engagement was low, as was the rate of feedback. The post-event compilation of feedback forms, comments and other printed materials was also extremely tedious.

Sandra Hon

Marketing Manager

Micepad has been a great help in digitising​​​​ the event. They respond quickly and resolve issues efficiently. We look forward to working with Micepad again.

The Solution

Having long heard of Micepad’s expertise in the event app field, Sandra approached us for a solution to her problems. After discussing with our team, she decided to give the Micepad App a try.

“Merck Asia BioForum is an annual event started in Japan 16 years ago. Since 2014, Merck BioForum has been introduced to China, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Singapore.

It is a preeminent gathering place for Family Offices interested in philanthropy and social impact investing in healthcare and life sciences. Many gather to discuss the economic and social impact of investing in healthcare and life sciences.

Through the Merck Asia BioForum, we hope to connect the leaders and experts in the biologics field, to collaborate on key emerging opportunities and to accelerate scientific advancement by mobilizing the scientific communities around these opportunities in both upstream and downstream of bioprocessing. Together, we can make the journey better, faster and more economical.”

With support from the Micepad team, Sandra incorporated the app’s various features into the Merck BioForum Asia 2017:

  • She hosted the Q&A session in-app
  • Organised a live poll
  • Uploaded event slides and webinar links into the Document Library
  • And collected feedback through the customised in-app feedback form

The Result

The first run was a resounding success. Compared to previous results, BioForum Asia 2017 boasted a huge increase in engagement.

According to analytics, the Merck team saw an increase of 300% in engagement during Q&A. 65% of the audience participated in the poll, while 42% filled in the feedback forms after the event - a stark increase from the previous average of 22%.








Surveys Filled

What's Next?

The event was such a success that Sandra has engaged Micepad for other subsequent events. We are happy to continue working with Merck Group for the unforeseen future and look forward to many more successful events and happy guests.