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In-app media CHannels

Send push notifications, create information pages and upload downloadable content.

real-time tracking & Updates

Download data reports onsite, adjust presentation slides and revise errors spontaneously!

In-app feedback forms

Boost feedback rates and facilitate data collection and analysis with our user-friendly in-app forms.

Engage your audience...


One of the biggest challenges of marketing an event is keeping track of all the different channels you are using to promote it! 

That's why we created the email tab in the admin panel - so you can track your emails, send push notifications and manage your content easier.


For event coordinators, this is the busiest and most stressful period yet! However, the marketing team can't slack off either.

This is an opportunity to promote your sponsors, special deals and work hand-in-hand with the speakers to woo customers.

Use our handy toolkit to gamify your event and engage your audience on a higher level for maximum effect.


All that hard work creating content and marketing materials shouldn't have to go to waste the moment the event ends. In fact, the biggest difference between Marketing and Events is that marketing doesn't end right after the event!

We understand that perfectly, which is why we're happy to keep your event published on our app or web up to a month to help you maximise your event mileage!

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