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Event apps, are they worth your budget?
Live events are all about connecting people. From speakers and their audiences, to business networking, to new recruit onboarding sessions.
5 ways an event app can help you reduce event costs
As previously mentioned, you can eliminate all printing costs for your event by uploading your content and material onto your app. Not only is it more accessible, guests are also far less likely to forget to bring their phone than their event program sheet.
Your Business Meetings and Town Hall Event Checklist
Have you ever been tasked to organise a business meeting or a town hall event? Surely, the formal nature of[...]
Top 17 challenges ALL event managers face
[:en]If you are an event manager or have worked with events, you’d know that this is absolutely true: it’s unbelievably[...]
Personalisation in Event Apps: A Recipe for Event Efficiency
Introduction Personalisation and event technology are two present-day components used to improve existing customer experience strategies. Event apps alone spur heightened audience participation and[...]
How Check-In Rates Influence Event Success: Can You Beat Micepad’s 4-second Record?
It is every brand owner and event planner’s dream to organise an event that’s flawless and highly impressive from start[...]
Micepad on Todays’ Enterprise Tech Conferences Trends
The competition has gone fiercer and fiercer The competition has gone fiercer and fiercer for tech conferences. At present, it[...]
Training and Workshops: Building a Meaningful Event
Conducting trainings and workshops is a great way to impart knowledge and help people develop a particular skill set. The beauty[...]
Overcoming Event Management’s Biggest Roadblocks
Introduction Event organizers are no strangers to the kind of stress that event management can bring. After all, making sure[...]
10x Tech: EventTech Trends to Look Forward to
The first half of 2018 may be over, but we are yet to witness the full scale of tech trends[...]
How an Event App Can Bring your Event to Success
You may not realize it, but your events may not be driving the ideal number of conversions for your business.[...]
The Future of Brand Promotion & Audience Engagement
Event technology is one of today’s impressive and dramatically emerging developments. From a meager 9% of industries offering mobile apps[...]
Going Digital vs. Human Interaction
Name any social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you’d probably have one account with it. But even in[...]
Tricks to Up Your Public Speaking Game
Being able to speak in front of a large crowd and host meetings is an essential skill in the MICE[...]
Your Meeting Is Boring. Here’s How You Can Change It.
There is an undeniable consensus that attending a business meeting is not exactly what we would call the most exciting[...]
Event Master Series (Prelude)
We all like to think that we have got this event-planning thing down pat...but ask yourself this: “Do I really?”[...]
Top 5 Worries of a Meeting Planner
Love it or hate it, at some point in your life you were probably tasked to organise and arrange a[...]
Improving ROI with an Event App (Part II)
In an earlier post, we talked about using event app to save time and costs, increase sponsor opportunities and engage[...]

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