Event Registration and Networking App - Micepad

Reduce stress and energize your audience

Optimize your event with...

Effortless communication

Send all RSVP and confirmation email campaigns through the Micepad admin panel

Swift and smooth check-in

Save time and hassle by checking guests in with the latest QR code scanning technology

real-time tracking & updates

Download data reports onsite, adjust presentation slides spontaneously and revise errors on the spot!

Engage your guests...


We all know that pre-event planning and communication is just as, if not more, important than during. 

But coordinating an event is already a heavy affair, which is why we'll help you send out your emails once you've gotten your guest list!


Now that your event is a go, it's time to kick things into action and make sure your guests have a blast!

The surest sign of success for an event is to leave a deep impression, and this can be done by involving the attendees in polls, quizzes or other activities.

Use our handy toolkit to gamify your event - you can even make adjustments to questions or topics just before you take it live!


It'd be such a waste to take down all your content right after the event is over - particularly when you have slides or promotional materials you want to encourage your attendees to download.

Keep your event published on our app or web up to a month after to maximise your event mileage!

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Micepad gives you a scaleable way to engage your audience and improve ROI.