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The perfect builder tool for all your surveying needs.

Every event needs a tool to measure ROI

The importance of surveying 
in events

Any event depends on proving its ROI. However, it's always a challenge to determine what constitutes a success.

Discovering your audience's expectations pre-event and finding out if you've met their expectations after is one of the main metrics.

It's not easy getting that all-important feedback, but having a good tool can make it a lot easier.

Micepad Survey on iPad

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The best surveying tool to capture responses in realtime.


all question types

fast &

easy setup


on the spot edits


isolate responses

fast loading time

offline data capture

local save files

statistic reports

What Our Customers Are Saying

When we used to do events, we wasted so much paper for printing the agenda and feedback forms. Thanks to Micepad, it has certainly help to reduce the usage of paper. Micepad is definitely eco-friendly!

Edna Lim 

Schneider Electric

Micepad creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need immediately. It has also helped us deliver some of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes.

Fiona O'Shaughnessy

Standard Chartered Bank

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