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Essentials Of Running A Successful Virtual AGM

Essentials of running a successful Virtual AGMAGMs are an important part of listed companies.  As AGMs are huge opportunities for companies to communicate with their shareholders, and inform them how the business is performing, it is hence, vital to get it right. Due to COVID-19, AGMs are now almost impossible to set up and businesses

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virtual agm

Covid-19 And AGMs

Covid-19 and AGMsAs Covid-19 continues to spread, companies with December year ends are increasingly asking themselves how to plan for this year’s annual general meeting. In the absence of any specific legislative solutions, it falls to companies themselves to take the actions that are appropriate for them and their stakeholders. Essentially, AGMs are the only

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7 Event Tech Trends That Will Rule the Next Decade

7 Event Tech Trends That Will Rule the Next Decade​Event management is no small market. This is not a statement of sentiment but fact – one that goes on to show that the software side of this market alone will be worth a stunning $10.57 billion by the year 2023. However, the way to getting there

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