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7 Top Tips to Maximize Your Event ROI

7 Top Tips to Maximize Your Event ROIEvent creators are businesspeople too. The first goal of every event is to ensure smooth sailing of the proceedings, such that each and every attendee gets the full extent of the kind of content they signed up for. However, many event planners focus so much on that, that they

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Micepad’s Conference Planning Checklist

Introduction The next time you plan a conference, you will no longer fret age-old event dilemmas. It takes more than just event organizing experience to arrange the finest conference for your business and your audience. You need to possess a passion and interest in all things business-related, a good grasp of conference organizing, keen attention

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6 Hacks to Create Networking Opportunities for Your Event

Introduction Contrary to what people believe, business events are not created solely for the purpose of marketing products. For quite some time now, audience involvement has been a crucial game changer for events. With the influence of audience engagement continuously growing, opportunities for networking among participants is likewise being magnified. Event objectives and activities are

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5 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement

During a conference, the ideal is to have all eyes on the speaker and to have the participants be fully involved in the event. However, that is often far from the reality. You would count yourself lucky if you even manage to capture half of their attention. What’s more, a MICE event often involves hundreds

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