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Event apps, are they worth your budget?
Live events are all about connecting people. From speakers and their audiences, to business networking, to new recruit onboarding sessions.
5 ways an event app can help you reduce event costs
As previously mentioned, you can eliminate all printing costs for your event by uploading your content and material onto your app. Not only is it more accessible, guests are also far less likely to forget to bring their phone than their event program sheet.
Micepad’s Conference Planning Checklist
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6 Hacks to Create Networking Opportunities for Your Event
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5 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement
During a conference, the ideal is to have all eyes on the speaker and to have the participants be fully[...]
Creating A Unique Event App with DUH!
The release of mobile applications for smart devices have taken the market by storm, spanning across various industries and purposes.[...]
Introduction: How to Network Like a Pro
Why is networking important? It opens up opportunities, so learning how to network effectively is one of the essential skills[...]
Introduction: 5 Sneaky Ways to Be Innovative
Evolve, Or Die. They say change is the only constant despite the fact that, for the most part, humans are[...]
How to Deal with Last Minute Changes?
Last minute changes? Even the most experienced event organisers will encounter this during an event. Pulling off a successful event[...]
How to Make the Most Out of Your Meeting in Singapore
Most MICE events are annual affairs at another country. If your meeting or conference happens to be in Singapore, you’re[...]
Events Sponsorship – Do’s and Don’ts
You probably would have thought about having sponsorship to raise your brand awareness and create positive public relations. True enough,[...]
How Can Polls Improve your Meeting Experience
If you were around in the events industry many years ago, you will probably be used to something like this[...]

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