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Launching the new v.8 admin panel
v.8 is here! Last December, we announced that we had updated the admin panel navigation in the first step to[...]
Announcing the launch for our new website
If you're new to Micepad, you may not have noticed this, however previous viewers will DEFINITELY have discovered a huge[...]
7 Must-Have Items to Cross Out on Your Business Meetings and Town Hall Event Checklist
Have you ever been tasked to organize a business meeting or a town hall event? Surely, the formal nature of both events can[...]
The 17 biggest challenges ALL event managers face
If you are an event manager or have worked with events, you’d know that this is absolutely true: it’s unbelievably[...]
Micepad’s 2019 Kickoff Meeting in Kuala Lumpur!
As a company grows, it gets harder and harder to put a face to a name. When the teams that[...]
Admin Panel Navigation Update
Over the past two months, we have been working hard on making our Admin Panel easier to use for our[...]
How Live Polls and Q&A Board Affects Audience Engagement
Gain relevant audience insights and empower your audience to raise and discuss the questions and topics that impact them and[...]
QR Codes and Event Gamification
Introduction Who would have thought that event gamification and QR codes can be combined together to produce highly influential, relevant[...]
Personalisation in Event Apps: A Recipe for Event Efficiency
Introduction Personalisation and event technology are two present-day components used to improve existing customer experience strategies. Event apps alone spur heightened audience participation and[...]
How Check-In Rates Influence Event Success: Can You Beat Micepad’s 4-second Record?
Introduction It is every brand owner and event planner’s dream to organize an event that’s flawless and highly impressive from[...]
Micepad: Supporting the MICE Industry with Holistic Event Technology
Introduction As Micepad continues to assist businesses with a multi-functional event platform, it has been gaining a lot of attention as[...]
Micepad Shares Thoughts on Todays’ Enterprise Tech Conferences Trends
The competition has gone fiercer and fiercer The competition has gone fiercer and fiercer for tech conferences. At present, it[...]
Training and Workshop: The Secret to Building a Meaningful Event
Introduction Conducting trainings and workshops is a great way to impart knowledge and help people develop a particular skill set. The beauty[...]
Conference Planning Checklist: Tips to Achieve Event Success
Introduction The next time you plan a conference, you will no longer fret age-old event dilemmas. It takes more than[...]
Event App: Your New Secret Weapon For Success
Introduction If you’re a brand owner who’s not new to using events to market your services, you’ve probably encountered or[...]
The Survival Guide to Overcoming Event Management’s Biggest Roadblocks
Introduction Event organizers are no strangers to the kind of stress that managing an event can bring. After all, making[...]
Tech Times 10: Event Technology Trends to Look Forward to
Introduction The first half of 2018 may be over, but we are yet to witness the full scale of tech[...]
Learn How an Event App Can Bring your Event to Success
Introduction You may not realize it, but your events may not be driving in your ideal number of conversions for[...]

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