New Live Display Module: A More Awesome Way to Manage Your Projector

This feature was officially launched on 24th October 2019.

Hi Micepad users - that's right we have another fantastic update for you! 6 years ago we embarked on the path to supporting event planners in the uphill battle to connect with their audience. Now, we're still doing our utmost to deliver the best tools to our clients' events.

One of the core components of Micepad's App is the Live Display Module, AKA the projector screen. In here, admin users have full control over what gets sent on screen during event. Our old module already allowed users to moderate, manage and adjust all photos, polls, questions, etc before sending them on screen. Now, we're taking things even further - more options, more customisation and even more control.

Our team hasn't rested on our laurels for the past 6 years. We've been collecting data and feedback on our functions and features. Finally, we've identified the 3 biggest concerns and requests from Micepad users:

  1. Accidentally pushing the wrong thing live on screen 😱
  2. Confusion over multiple projector screens 😵

Having participated in many events as onsite support, we completely empathise with all 3 issues. Thus, we have decided that it was time to revamp our Live Display Module!

1) Preview Screen

As you can see in the GIF above, we've added a shiny new preview screen to the module - for more convenient checking! We've found that this reduces a lot of anxiety about pushing out wrong slides or other modules. 

2) Rooms

One of the biggest concerns we've found was the difficulty in juggling multiple screens. Although it will still be difficult managing multiple displays alone, we've done our best to cut down on the confusion. Additionally, we've made it easier to toggle between displays (or 'rooms' as we now call them) and we've minimised lag time. 

Basically? If you're managing 2 or more rooms with separate laptops, there will be no issues and all changes will be updated on both laptops within a few seconds (barring slow venue wifi!). 

3) Customisation Settings

Finally, we've decided to add more flexibility to our projector settings! We've added a secondary background and transparency options for an even more awesome live display. Currently, the settings are applied across the board for all displays, but we're working on customising individual displays so stay tuned!

Check out our knowledge base for more information about the poll module and live display. And if you still have burning questions, feel free to direct them to our chat widget. 🙂