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Training and Workshops: Building a Meaningful Event

| Industry Insights

Conducting trainings and workshops is a great way to impart knowledge and help people develop a particular skill set. The beauty of this type of event is it holds a key role for people belonging in both the working and non-working class. Students, parents, employees, and even those who finished a vocational course can benefit from […] more

Micepad’s Conference Planning Checklist

| How-To & Tutorials

Introduction The next time you plan a conference, you will no longer fret age-old event dilemmas. It takes more than just event organizing experience to arrange the finest conference for your business and your audience. You need to possess a passion and interest in all things business-related, a good grasp of conference organizing, keen attention […] more

Overcoming Event Management’s Biggest Roadblocks

| Industry Insights

Introduction Event organizers are no strangers to the kind of stress that event management can bring. After all, making sure that every big and small detail sits perfectly where it should be, requires sorcery or rocket science. Or so we thought. Indeed, there are major hurdles in event management that prevent brands from successfully meeting […] more

How an Event App Can Bring your Event to Success

| Industry Insights

You may not realize it, but your events may not be driving the ideal number of conversions for your business. This could be due to outdated methods or event technology. Several businesses struggle with keeping up with their competitors in terms of employing an effective tool for advertising and audience engagement. A lot of brands […] more

6 Hacks to Create Networking Opportunities for Your Event

| How-To & Tutorials

Introduction Contrary to what people believe, business events are not created solely for the purpose of marketing products. For quite some time now, audience involvement has been a crucial game changer for events. With the influence of audience engagement continuously growing, opportunities for networking among participants is likewise being magnified. Event objectives and activities are […] more

Reception for New Foreign & Mainland Companies in HK

| Company News

Micepad CEO, Mr. Jie Hao Tan attended the “Reception for New Foreign and Mainland Companies in Hong Kong” hosted by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The event was held on the 12th of June 2018, at the Government House in Central Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, the honourable Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng […] more