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5 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement

| How-To & Tutorials

During a conference, the ideal is to have all eyes on the speaker and to have the participants be fully involved in the event. However, that is often far from the reality. You would count yourself lucky if you even manage to capture half of their attention. What’s more, a MICE event often involves hundreds […] more

Event Master Series (Prelude)

| Industry Insights

We all like to think that we have got this event-planning thing down pat…but ask yourself this: “Do I really?” How we wish that we have a virtuoso hand and, with a small flick or a fancy brandish, complete all the event preparations and make it materialise right in front of us. But we are […] more

Top 5 Worries of a Meeting Planner

| Industry Insights

Love it or hate it, at some point in your life you were probably tasked to organise and arrange a meeting. From small meetings to large conferences, each event comes with its own unique set of challenges and unpredictability that will cause some to toss and turn and others to pull their hair out. Yet […] more

Creating A Unique Event App with DUH!

| How-To & Tutorials

The release of mobile applications for smart devices have taken the market by storm, spanning across various industries and purposes. From the simple to the complex, free-to-use and paid applications, one thing is certain: Mobile apps have increased productivity and profitability for businesses and individuals. Zooming in to the MICE Industry, mobile applications have not […] more

Micepad: Swipe Your Way to a Great Conference

| Product Insights

As the name suggests, Micepad is derived from the merging of two concepts: MICE and iPads. MICE represents the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions Industry. Built and designed with the end user in mind, Micepad is integrated to run across any device, ranging from iOS, Android and even the web, to increase audience engagement and […] more

Improving ROI with an Event App (Part II)

| Industry Insights

In an earlier post, we talked about using event app to save time and costs, increase sponsor opportunities and engage attendees. You may still have many questions running through your mind – what else can an event app do for event organisers? Today, events of all sizes leverage event app for different purposes. While some […] more

Improving ROI with Event App (Part I)

| Industry Insights

For event organisers to get larger budgets for future events, you have to prove your event ROI first. Like anyone else, the management needs to see returns before they are willing to invest more. So how do you ensure that you will get the maximum return? If you have been attending events in the past […] more

Announcing: New Synchronised Slides Function

| Product Updates

While mobile applications have proven to be a lot more convenient, effective and efficient, this technology has still not yet reached its full potential across the world. Why? One reason could very well be the control the organisers’ feel they lose, as well as the distraction that they perceive. Then again with mobile phones being […] more