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Introduction: 5 Sneaky Ways to Be Innovative

| How-To & Tutorials

Evolve, Or Die. They say change is the only constant despite the fact that, for the most part, humans are creatures of habit. It is important to always be on the alert for ways to improve. Today, new products are constantly being introduced to the market that even big businesses struggle to stay relevant. There […] more

How to Deal with Last Minute Changes?

| Event News

Last minute changes? Even the most experienced event organisers will encounter this during an event. Pulling off a successful event requires countless hours of planning and detailed consideration but a small change is enough to ruin all the efforts. Personally, I have seen many speakers going up to the event organisers to update their slides […] more

How to Make the Most Out of Your Meeting in Singapore

| How-To & Tutorials

Most MICE events are annual affairs at another country. If your meeting or conference happens to be in Singapore, you’re in luck! Singapore has been ranked as Asia’s Leading Meetings and Conference Destination (World Travel Awards, 2013) and is one of the most consistently rated countries for MICE tourism. In 2011, it contributed 33 per cent […] more

Events Sponsorship – Do’s and Don’ts

| How-To & Tutorials

You probably would have thought about having sponsorship to raise your brand awareness and create positive public relations. True enough, it can bring positive return on investment to your company but if the events are not carefully selected, your sponsorship would seem like an act of charity. So to ensure an effective sponsorship, here are […] more

How Can Polls Improve your Meeting Experience

| How-To & Tutorials

If you were around in the events industry many years ago, you will probably be used to something like this if you wanted to conduct a poll. While effective, voting through one of these keypads not only seems unresponsive as it is a one way communication, it look outdated and clunky.  Managing a large number of devices […] more

Engage your audience with Word Clouds!

| Product Insights

Having a room full high level executives or fresh minds is pointless if you’re not going to take advantage of the collective intelligence. Truth is, it doesn’t really take much to engage them and tap on their insights. Try using a Word Cloud we guarantee you’ll be addicted. The best part? It only takes 30 […] more
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