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Eventbrite + Micepad: Event Ticketing Made Smoother

| Product Updates

Eventbrite + Micepad: Event Ticketing Made SmootherToday, we’re announcing yet another exciting update! Assisting more than 60,000 event organisers and recommending events to over a whopping 50 million attendees, Eventbrite is the world’s preeminent event management and ticketing platform. And starting on 24th October, Micepad users will be able to integrate our admin panel with […] more

4 ways an event app enhances audience engagement

| Product Insights

4 ways an event app enhances audience engagementA recent research study indicated that no less than 60% of marketers involved in event planning and management get better attendee engagement with an event planning software. Of the 40% who do not already use event apps, 75% of them have the intention of adopting such technology in the […] more

Announcing: New Website Launch!

| Company News

If you’re new to Micepad, you may not have noticed this, however previous viewers will DEFINITELY have discovered a huge change. After 3 months of hard work (and cross-country video calls), we’re super excited to finally unveil our new website! more

Your Business Meetings and Town Hall Event Checklist

| Industry Insights

Have you ever been tasked to organise a business meeting or a town hall event? Surely, the formal nature of both events can be overwhelming because of its silent demands for perfection. But then again, perfection is boring. With events that require comprehensive and intellectual discussions, dynamism and customisation is a must. Adding a vibrant […] more

Top 17 challenges ALL event managers face

| Industry Insights

If you are an event manager or have worked with events, you’d know that this is absolutely true: it’s unbelievably stressful. Whether you’re the manager, coordinator, or a staff member, you deserve an applause. After all, the job of an events coordinator is the 5th most stressful job in the world. If you’re not any of the above, but are […] more
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