Learning is a lifelong process. Even after many graduate and get their degree, learning still takes place constantly. To cater to for this constant learning journey, many universities now conduct post-graduate courses regularly for constant upgrading.

Micepad comes in handy in these programs as it is not only an effective learning tool, which contains all the sides, and materials they need, it is also gives a professional image to their students who are busy executives and managers in the workforce.


Interactive Agenda

With our interactive agenda, presentation materials can be uploaded under the scheduled timeslot for students’ to access easily and intuitively. All it takes is a swipe to the left and right as well as a pinch to zoom in and out!

Note Taking

Take notes electronically by annotating directly on the document itself with no pen and paper needed. What’s more, notes are clearly indicated by a pin which shows exactly the note was taken on the slide.


Email materials that you found useful with your notes indicated on them for easy reference once the course is over.


Better learning outcomes

Eco-friendly. No more printing of course materials

Implement Flipped-Classroom, collaborative learning pedagogies