Every organisation conducts their own trainings and workshops to provide download of new content and strategies to their employees’. In order to make it more memorable and increase knowledge retention, these sessions often need to be more interactive and fun as compared to a normal meeting or lecture.

With Micepad, employees can participate actively through quizzes. This benefits not only in knowledge retention by employees but tracking of understanding by management. Having creative sessions with our canvas feature through mind maps and photo taking can be extremely useful as well.



Test your audience quickly with results appearing live on our leader board. Watch the excitement as the leader board fills up and even reward the top scorer!

Note Taking

Take notes electronically by annotating directly on the document itself with no pen and paper needed. What’s more, notes are clearly indicated by a pin which shows exactly the note was taken on the slide.


Use our nifty canvas feature to draw mind maps or even take photos. Edit on these photos to create your own unique pieces of art for fun filled group activities and photos


Better learning outcomes

Eco-friendly. No more printing of course materials

Implement Flipped-Classroom, collaborative learning pedagogies