Many issues or problems occuring in the workplace can be resolved through better communications. That is why companies usually hold monthly to quarterly meetings called town hall meetings. A town hall meeting is used to disemminate information and answer any pressing issues employees have.

Micepad is great for town hall meetings as a tool to solidate questions employees have. Through the app, employees ask questions and vote for their favourite ones from others to be answered. Management team can also hold live polls to gauge employees opinions on issues.



Employees submit their questions on the mobile phone. Once the questions have been approved by the moderator, other employees can also see the questions and like questions that they want to be answered as well.

Moderate Questions

Moderators can see all questions posted by employees and select which questions to be answered by the panelist and push out on the projector screen

Projector Screen

Questions being answered can be grouped and flashed out on the projector screen for everyone in the room to see.


250% more questions asked than without Micepad

Metrics on most popular questions asked and sentimental analysis

Everyone gets to participate, brainstorm and share ideas on how to improve the company