Change is the only thing that is constant. This saying has never been truer than with Technology. As things change rapidly, consumers’ need to be constantly updated with the latest happenings. What better way to do this than through a tech conference, which is a good opportunity for show and tell and a hands-on experience.

Micepad puts the tech in to a tech conference, which showcases the very latest event technologies out there. Gather useful analytics and track popularity of exhibitions through beacons. Help create a buzz with social media integration as well!



Beacons help to track when participants’ enter and exit an exhibition area. It also helps push content to them when they are within the vicinity in the form of news feed updates, push notifications and pop ups.

Social Media Integration

Help participants’ network through profiles that are linked to social media. Twitter feeds and sharing of event content also helps to create a buzz for the conference and a lasting community and interaction even after the conference ends.


Find out which materials were viewed the most and which were shared or sent to their mails. User activity in the app provides a good indication on product interest and can provide meaningful data for you to analyse to provide greater insights.


Leave a lasting, brand-focused impression

Greatly increase the convenience of your guests

200% increase in feedback response rates