Plan your events easier by automating your guests rsvp processes and guest list management. Our high tech guest registration app allows you to quickly get guests through the door and provide them a great check-in experience.


Registration Website

Build your registration page within minutes that allows your guests to sign up and view event information such as Agenda and Speakers Profiles.

Email Marketing (EDM Blasting)

Send out invitation and marketing emails to your invited guests by simply importing them from excel. Manage who should receive your emails by selecting guests according to their RSVP status.

On-site Registration App

Get guests registered speedily using our on-site check-in app. You can either have guests self-register using their QR code or have your personnel stationed at the counter to quickly search for them.

Arrival Notifications

Your assigned personnel will receive an automatic text when VIPs arrive. You can also view live attendance information on who has arrived.

Badge Printing

Print name badges instantly upon guest check-in.

Signup and Attendance Analytics

At the end of the event, receive a report with information about your guests from signup to check-in. Track the effectiveness of your emails by their open and read rates.


Follow Jason’s Journey in signing up for a financial forum using Micepad RSVP

Jason is private banking customer who is invited by his relationship manager, Nicole, to attend a financial forum.

Jason, and also other guests, are sent an email from Nicole using Micepad RSVP. The email describes what the event is about and invites him to sign up by visiting the website.

At the website, Jason views information about the forum such as speakers’ profiles and the agenda. He is very interested so he proceeds to fill up the registration form.

After a successful signup, Jason receives an email confirmation with his QR Code for the forum. He is also occasionally sent update emails about the forum.

At the event, Jason proceeds to self check-in using one of the iPads at the counters and gets his badge printed. It only takes him a minute and there is no queue.

Immediately, Jason’s relationship manager Nicole receives a text that he has arrives. Nicole proceeds to receive him and networks with him.

The event was a success. Nicole is able to check how many of her clients have signed up and attended. She sends those who have attended a link to the event feedback form.