Advancement in medical treatments and technology changes the world and increases our mortality rate. Every so often when breakthroughs are achieved, medical conferences provide an area for knowledge transfer and experience sharing among industry professionals.

Having Micepad as a tool is extremely beneficial in the transfer of knowledge through polls, which helps provide useful answers to the presenters sharing their experience. Live slides also help to make sure that everyone is one the same page at the same time and do not lose focus.



Polls are a good way to engage the audience to any question at hand. Conduct polls instantly and show the results live as well. Polls can be conducted on the fly as well even if it has not been prepared in advance.


Your audience can post questions on Micepad to be answered by speakers during or after event.

Slide Synchronization

Control what slides the users see and keep them on track as the slides synchronise with what is shown on screen. Let them focus on listening while you do the controlling for them.


Encourage knowledge sharing

Eco-friendly. No more printing of medical materials

250% increase in number of questions asked