Like in every business, the customer is the reason a company does what is does and is essential to the survival of their business. To get closer to these core clients and customers, financial conferences are conducted on a regular basis in different regions to provide an update on market conditions as well to find out the type of products customers’ demand.

Using Micepad, feedbacks and surveys can be conducted to find out the type of products that they want without the tedious job of data entry and the possibility of human error. Not only is it practical but also very professional and exclusive. Such an experience shows clients’ the importance they bring to the banks.


Slide Synchronization

Control what slides the users see and keep them on track as the slides synchronise with what is shown on screen. Let them focus on listening while you do the controlling for them.


Quickly conduct a survey with instant results. Pop ups help increase response rate even further by making it easier to respond.

Custom Branding

Easily customise the app to your event. Uniquely branded apps to match the conference theme shines a positive light to your company


Leave a lasting, brand-focused impression

Greatly increase the convenience of your guests

200% increase in feedback response rates