Have your attendees experience a professional event like no other by giving them a voice and bringing your content closer to them. A Micepad-engaged audience is more responsive and increases the outcomes you want. Micepad is truly your complete audience engagement app.


Q&A Board with Poll

Your attendees can easily post questions, comments and engage with other participants. Speakers can push out questions and polls on screen.

Agenda with Speakers’ Slides

Bring your content to life as they come through on the iPad. Synchronize presenters’ slides and allow your audience to annotate on them.

Speaker & Participants Profiles

Create a more conducive environment for attendees and speakers to network by allowing them to search through profiles.

Event Survey & Reporting

Gain instant audience insights and use them better to target your communication, achieving better event success.

Live Canvas & Photos

Have your attendees to take photos, create drawings and easily share with everyone.

Word Cloud

Create a word cloud together using words submitted from your attendees.


Follow Linda’s Unique Journey with Micepad

Linda is a bank executive attending a Micepad conference for the first time.

On the event day, Linda receives an iPad with the Micepad app pre-installed and personalised with her name. Linda is pleased to find out that they can personalise their profile further by snapping a photo with their iPads.

While waiting for the keynote to start, Linda browses through the Interactive Agenda to learn more on what is in store that day.

During the keynote speeches, she easily accesses the keynote slides, supporting documents and takes notes - all without missing a beat.

During the breakout sessions, Linda is put into a group discussion and jots down the group response on the Live Canvas. The response is instantly shared with the rest of the group and the groups take turns to present with the canvas on stage.

Having some burning questions but too shy to speak up, Linda posts a question via the Message Feed. The keynote speaker picks it up from his iPad and addresses Linda's question instantly!

At the end of the session, Linda finds it a breeze to submit their feedback on the event via the Micepad Feedback module! The organisers are immediately able access the results via our admin panel and sees a complete feedback report - all without any messy paperwork!