Bring people and opportunities together. Match your participants securely and privately with other participants to take part in face-to-face meetings.

With our advance Business Matchmaking algorithm, ensure that participants network with people most relevant to their interests.


Matchmaking Algorithm

Every other participant at your event will be ranked according to their relevancy to each participant based on indicated interests.

Meeting Manager

The app coordinates meetings between participants and allows them to book timeslots for available meeting spaces.

Meeting Minder

Participants are sent a meeting reminder as an SMS or push notification when their meeting is about to start. At the end of the meeting, participants are also prompt to rate their meetings.

Business Matching Analytics

As the organizer, you will be able to view the networking graphs and important statistics such as number of successful meetings and their ratings.


Follow Jennifer’s quest to network at a tradeshow using Micepad

Jennifer is a sales assistant selling waffles and she’s looking for new ice cream suppliers.

Jennifer is interested in meeting lots of people especially ice- cream sellers at the trade show. She takes about a minute to fill in her profile.

Immediately after saving her profile, the other participants at the trade show are re-ranked according to what she had entered in her profile. She’s very interested in meeting Caty Smith and thinks she is a good partner for her business.

She taps on Request Meeting.

Jennifer chooses the timeslot and meeting space that she plans to meet with Caty. She also enters a small note about what the meeting is intended for.

Cathy receives an sms and push notification informing her of the meeting request. She views the details and decides whether to accept it. Once accepted, the app will notify Jennifer.