Your Meeting Is Boring. Here’s How You Can Change It.

There is an undeniable consensus that meetings are not exactly what we would call the most exciting event of the year. We have all been guilty of it at one point, when we strain our ears to pay attention and, oops-a-daisy, find ourselves falling asleep during a meeting. Try as you may, but you just cannot seem to resist the soporific voice luring you to sleep. Nevertheless, eschewing meetings is not the solution to the problem.


Just last year, there was a prominent case of a judge allegedly falling asleep during a rape trial, which arguably caused even more heat than the trial itself. If even judges are found to be falling asleep during important hearings that are followed closely by countless of people worldwide, what can we do to stay awake during meetings? More importantly, what does this mean for us? Now, you would not want all your hard work all go down the drain the moment they shut their eyes, do you?


Mobile-First Silent Traveller

To make matters worse, there is a widespread phenomenon coined Mobile-First Silent Traveller. It is when the human and the phone are like conjoined twins, joined at the hip and inseparable. They rely heavily on their mobile devices and look to it to solve their problems. This seemingly insufferable act has set off angst social commentary, to the tune of dozens of dissidents ranting online whenever they see a mobile device constantly clutched in their hands, especially on the public transport. They ignore basic courtesy to move to the rear on public transport and block people’s way while they amble on with their eyes transfixed on their mobile devices. If it is already so difficult to capture their attention in normal situations, it becomes even harder to do it during a meeting.

IMG_2015-06-09 15:42:48

Nothing much, just living in my mobile world. 


Towards An Interesting Meeting

What happens now? You can either twiddle your thumbs and wait for them to grow tired of congregating for meeting or you can up the ante and make your meeting more interesting.


Here are some ways you can go about doing so: 

Invite Good Speakers

Never underestimate the impact good speakers can make on the audience. They know when the crowd is losing interest and are able to find ways to get their attention back. Some well-known speakers require an honorarium, but it will be worth it because of the sheer number of people the speaker is influencing.

Interesting Speakers

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaking at a conference using Micepad App earlier this year at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore.


Present with Well-Made Slides

Beautifully-crafted slides are easy on the eyes and its compelling nature invites people to pay attention. In this matter, a clean design and smart font choice will go a long way toward making your presentation slides readable. Nobody likes a boring old fart, much less dull and dreary presentation slides, so feel free to mix it up with bits of text interspersed with images. Just as you can brighten up someone’s day with a rainbow bouquet of flowers, colourful images have the same effect.


Create Unique Session Formats

Most delegates come to a meeting or a conference expecting the usual one-way dialogue with a predictable agenda. One way to keep things interesting is to switch it up with different kinds of session formats.  From our experience, some formats that have been used to great effect are: Panel Discussions, TED Talks and Distinguished Key Note Addresses. Not to mention the positive effects we’ve witnessed engagement tools have on facilitating two-way communication, even for top level meetings.


Use Engagement Tools

Event app is a powerful engagement tool and has been found to increase active participation from the audience. With their attention fully on the speaker and the app, it increases their retention of material covered during the meeting, thereby making the meeting more productive.


What the Mobile-First Silent Traveller phenomenon served to illustrate is that the majority of the population is already very tech-savvy; so tech-savvy, in fact, that they find it difficult to part with their electronic devices. Considering how recent this phenomenon is, it goes to show how technology is able to catch on like wildfire. Thus, this makes it easy to introduce new technology to an already receptive crowd.


You can capitalise on the mobile-first population by having them check out the elaborate contents of your meeting via an event app instead of checking their phones during the meeting. With this new-age technology, you can lure them out of their stupor and into the throes of your engaging content.  Since they are already accustomed to using technology, it will save you the problem of them having issues with the devices. Furthermore, the information-rich device plays to their tech-fuelled curiosity, making your branding efforts more memorable as they fiddle with the device.


Exciting Event


In this rat race, only the modern and wayward will prevail. Keep your meeting from being boring by enthralling your participants with a burst of excitement and a hip event app.


It might just be the very ingredient you need to freshen up your guests and make your meeting the meeting of the year.

Fung Yun Shan

Fung Yun Shan

Yun Shan is Micepad’s Content Marketer. A curator of sorts, she writes and manages the collection of blog posts for Micepad, as well as the Monthly Newsletter. She is always on the lookout for new things to write about.