Why You Need Post-Event Surveys

Please spend a minute of your time to complete this survey.


As minutiae as the time spent on answering survey questions might be, you will be surprised to find that what little time spent translates to billions of dollars. Tech companies such as SurveyMonkey, which bases their living off the need for surveys, is the living proof of that. Survey is their raison d’être; survey is king.



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If someone can fall in love at first sight, imagine what one minute can do.


Highest Information Retention 

The aftermath of the event is when the most important, and valuable, insights are gathered from the participants. It is the point in time when they remember the entire event in greatest detail—a defining moment for subsequent events to come. This is due to a psychological effect known as the Recency Effect, where when asked to recall a string of events that occurred, the most recent events come clearest to mind. You have to take advantage of this moment to ask important questions about their thoughts on the event while it is still fresh in their minds.


Didn’t Think of That, Did You?

From the event organisers’ perspective, all may seem pink and rosy, but the same cannot be said of everyone present at the event. Post-event surveys are able to encapsulate what the participants felt about the event from the first person’s point of view. In fact, they may be able to point out aspects of the event that are important to them that you may have overlooked or seen to be trivial. It is often little details like these that make or break an event.


The Odds Are In Your Favour

MICE events often differ from other events due to the sheer number of participants. If we can gather unique insights from one person alone, think about what this means with hundreds of participants. If you do the math, that is yours in addition to hundreds of other people’s perspectives. Imagine that! The amount of data that we can harness from all these people is extensive, providing immeasurable information to your company. As the number of survey respondents increase, so does the chances of you finding out valuable information. What’s more, you save on the need to employ external vendors to conduct the study outside of the event–which will indubitably cost more–just to achieve the same kind of size and scale that you event already has.


Crowded Room for WEDC

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Generate Data Analytics

When a sizeable sample has been collected, the results from the post-event surveys can be exported into data. The data can be then be examined to highlight crucial areas that the company needs to work on. This falls under the area of data analytics. You can then aim to be the best among all of your competitors on the most important attribute or strive to be above average across all the important attributes. Apart from the overarching data that can be gathered from this event, data analytics can also be used as a feedback mechanism to trace the improvements over the years.



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Next Event’s Success Rate Depends on This

With every subsequent event, you want the bar to be raised even higher. Post-event surveys can help you by acting as checks and balances for the event experience to continually improve.

Cliché as it sounds, the ending is often poised for an opportunity to begin again. Rest on your laurels and you might let this once-in-an-event opportunity for a better fresh start slip away from you.

Fung Yun Shan

Fung Yun Shan

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