Understanding Your Audience Personas

Whether you are presenting to a small group or big group of audience, there are many things you can do to achieve your communication goals. The simplest way to understand your audience is to ask them a simple question – How are you feeling right now? While it helps to warm up the atmosphere, you can also modify your presentation to fit in accordingly.


But how exactly do you get a response from most of the people, if not, everyone? Given that almost everyone owns a smart device in this digital age, how should we leverage on these smart devices or mobile apps to achieve the desired outcomes?


If you have not heard about an event app, it’s still not too late for you to check it out!


Live Poll for Quick Understanding

How many times have you posed a question to your audience, only to get many pairs of eyes staring back at you? Don’t blame them, many of us sit silently because we are afraid to speak out loud in front of others. So how can we bridge this gap?


Check out this live polling feature. It allows you to create live polls instantaneously so your audience can participate and respond without having to speak up. You can even project the real-time responses on your projector screen. Now that everyone understands everybody else’s sentiments, it definitely gives you an opportunity to co-create the next few minutes of content together with your audience.


live polling



Everyone has their own viewpoint. Another way to understand your audience is finding a common ground by taking perspective. We all know it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to a typical Q&A session. As an organiser, a speaker or a panellist, you want to figuratively step into the minds of your audience to understand the world from their perspective. But how much can you understand if you don’t have enough time to hear from everyone or if they don’t voice out?


Like I said earlier, it’s easier to express our opinions if we don’t have to voice out verbally. What’s better than having a continuous stream of questions and comments flowing in while the panellists are addressing the current issue? You will still see those questions and comments, regardless whether you have time to answer them. You will still be able to understand your audience’s perspective and provide them with a solution even after your presentation. This is definitely another way to foster audience engagement.


audience Q&A


That said, you don’t have to be a good speaker but if your audience feels there is good communication, their voices are heard, then they will listen and enjoy your presentation. The bottom line is simple – Understand your audience and they will understand you.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

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