Micepad Celebrates SG50

Singapore has come a long way since our humble roots as a colonised country to become the triumphant nation we are today. To celebrate 50 glorious years of Singapore, Micepad would like to take this opportunity to make our tribute to Singapore in the way we know best, by taking a tour of some of our nation’s best and most memorable sights–with our iPads in tow!


Victoria Theatre



Singapore Art MuseumSingapore Art Museum 1





Parliament PlaceParliament Place


More of these beautiful pictures will be shown on SGPad’s Instagram page and you can follow our photo-taking journey here.

Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

Love, Micepad.

Fung Yun Shan

Fung Yun Shan

Yun Shan is Micepad’s Content Marketer. A curator of sorts, she writes and manages the collection of blog posts for Micepad, as well as the Monthly Newsletter. She is always on the lookout for new things to write about.