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Going mobile is on top of everybody’s mind but what does it mean to make your meetings mobile? Why would your attendees care about an app in a meeting? If mobile is the face of digital, then mobile app is the face of engagement.


Digitalisation is spreading throughout the event industry and your attendees are looking for a worthwhile digital experience. As organisers, you should be shifting your priorities to meet this new expectation. People always say you will lose if you snooze. However, it is still not late for you to understand how mobile app features can benefit everyone at your event.

Mobile App



Attendees have the freedom to plan and customise their event experience. For instance, they can:

  • Learn about speakers before the start of your event
  • Connect with like-minded participants to venture new opportunities
  • Email and share the digital copy of speakers’ slides
  • Engage in live polls and discussions to populate real-time responses



Speakers have more opportunities to interact with your attendees. They can use features such as real-time discussions to encourage more interaction and co-create the content with the attendees.



For organisers, your mobile app will now become a digital guide for your attendees. There are also other benefits such as:

  • Updating changes at the last minute
  • Notifying attendees with important announcements
  • Saving costs on printing collateral
  • Retrieving analytics instantaneously


If you want your attendees to access information at their fingertips and increase their engagement, then you should try a mobile app today. You can also deal with lesser logistics matters and increase your productivity at the same time.


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Cai Ling

Cai Ling

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