Importance of Personalisation

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Personalisation is a type of customer experience strategy. Whether it provides real-time interaction or helps attendees to network, event apps can enhance the overall event experience. All thanks to these apps, attendees can participate in more exciting ways. However, if everyone is using the same interface, there is no point of differentiation. This is why personalising your attendees’ experience is important.


Examples of features geared towards personalisation are as simple as a personalised profile and agenda. Your attendees can get to edit their personal information and upload their profile picture. They can also bookmark the agenda to create a customised set of schedule. That said, everyone’s experience will differ despite using the same app.

Personalised Profile


So what is the importance of personalising your attendees’ experience, you may ask. Even before the start of your event, you can personalise your attendees’ experience by printing a name badge for their check-in. It helps people to identify them, making them feel valued.


Personalise Event Experience


Help Attendees Create An Event of Their Own

Leverage on the personal profile and personalised agenda to help your attendees make your event their own. By creating an experience tailored to their schedule, your attendees can enjoy a highly engaging experience at your event. It feels as though the event is catered for their individual needs.


Build Loyalty

The more personalised your event is, the more valued your attendees will feel. Once they feel valued, they will most likely participate and return for your subsequent events. Your attendees will also remember your event messages better if their experience is personalised.


Cultivate a Sense of Belonging

By committing to personalisation, you will address the different preferences of your attendees to create a highly engaged event experience. Personalising your event experience will also help to build a connection between yourself and your attendees, thus cultivating a sense of belonging within your community.

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