Future of Event Technology

Event Technology or what some people would call it, Event Tech, has changed the way people organise and attend events now. With the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry continuing to thrive in Singapore, you can expect to see more event apps emerging as audiences now have higher expectation and are looking to be more engaged than ever before.


But really, what’s so important about these technologies that you’re missing out?


Big Data

As the name suggests, it is a term used to describe extreme volume of data that provides a source for analysis. For instance, event organisers can make use of analytic tools to discover the influential decisions for your attendees to sign up for an event. If that isn’t enough, you can also use iBeacons to track your attendees’ movement to see which booth they have entered and exited, and the duration. By then, you would have most of the information ready to analyse how much time was taken to engage each attendee at a booth.


big data


Increase Your Event Engagement Level

Once upon a time, conferences and trainings were mostly one-sided. All you could see was passive audience staring at you while you talked. But thanks to event tech, there’s a better way to boost engagement by having live canvas, poll, discussion and Q&A. In other words, you can have more interaction with your participants now! Oh, participants and not attendees because they can get engaged in your event now.




Immediate Evaluation

What’s more efficient than having someone to generate your reports while you spend more time on planning your next strategic moves. Yes, these event technologies are capable of generating immediate reports for your committee meeting that might happen right after the event. All ready to understand what went wrong especially if you still have a few days of event to go.


So in this era of technology, don’t be too surprised if you notice more event tech apps that can help you to consolidate all your event management tools. It’s time we redefine the future of events.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.