Event Tech Trends You Need to Know

Today, we are more likely to see people staring at their smart devices rather than engaging in verbal communication. The developments in digital technology are shaping the future generation, future society and increasingly, the event planning industry.


In fact, event planners are ranked among the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2016, having to work under tremendous pressure to meet the clients’ needs in stressful situations. The burden of having to handle logistics in a paper-based system is another headache for the event planners. But thanks to technology, they will have an easier time managing their event now. Progressively, these event planners will also see a direct relation between the use of technology and engagement.


Event Apps


Event App


Gone are the days when you had to print papers to break down your schedule for your delegates. With a high percentage of smartphone users, event app will play an increasingly important role in how the planners engage the delegates. They have also become a popular choice among the event planners. But selecting the right app can be challenging and what should be your consideration?


How easy will it be to create an event app? How much must I invest? Can I display my brand prominently in the app? Can the app be downloaded across all the different operating system, i.e. iOS, android and web browser? These considerations should be the minimum when you are selecting the right app for your event.


Social Media


social media


Everyone should be familiar with social media and this needs no introduction. If you have already noticed, there are more people using the live streaming feature on Facebook. This is the perfect opportunity to engage your participants, including those you are not physically with you. Let them have direct access to the attendees’ experience and be engaged together.


Use social media to create excitement with snippets of videos or teasers. They are more likely to be drawn to it.






If you don’t know, iBeacon is becoming widely used in events. They are capable of tracking your delegates’ location so you can set up a personalised welcome message when they arrive or launch push notifications if you need to notify a certain group of people at a specific location. This will increase your engagement with them as well!


While it’s time for us to move together with the event tech trends, it is still important to choose the best technology for your event.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

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