Engage your audience with Word Clouds!

Having a room full high level executives or fresh minds is pointless if you’re not going to take advantage of the collective intelligence. Truth is, it doesn’t really take much to engage them and tap on their insights. Try using a Word Cloud we guarantee you’ll be addicted. The best part? It only takes 30 seconds to quickly get a feel on the sentiments in the room!




Get your audience to think of one word that best reflects their takeaway from the session and voila! A word cloud is formed with words with higher frequency appearing larger as compared with the rest. Need them to find out the type of solutions they might choose for a certain problem? The world cloud is the way to go! You can even use it to get a very quick feedback on the session as well as find out the demographics on your audience.




But don’t leave just yet! It is always good to analyse the information that has been presented before. It might be expected, it might be surprising, but it will definitely be interesting to find out what everyone thinks. As with any fun thing, too much repetition with no real purpose or outcome for the audience to see would just get annoying after a while.


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So go ahead, try a Word Cloud today! Contact us at Micepad to find out more.

Shane Meyer

Shane Meyer

Shane is Micepad’s Sales Manager and Content Writer. Having learnt invaluable lessons in different types of events and conferences, he is all set to share his experiences with you in the field of paperless conferences, audience engagement and mobile applications.