5 Reasons to Digitise Your Next Event

If you organise events frequently, event apps should not be new to you. Event apps help organisers digitise all of their planning processes from registration to uploading of agenda, content, delegates listing and so on. More importantly, it synchronises the work across all your fellow organisers to keep everyone in the loop.


Here are the top 5 reasons to digitise your event for increased productivity.


1. Automated Registration Check-In

The last thing you want to do for registration is to go through your guest lists, filter your guests accordingly and send out a personalised email one by one. This is super time-consuming. I believe you would agree with me that automating this process can increase your productivity. On the event day, your guests can even scan their QR code to self-check-in. More importantly, they can complete the registration process and proceed into the hall within a few minutes.


2. Information Library

Your attendees need to know about your event information. Having a digital copy of everything provides so much convenience for everyone. The app stores all your content from session schedules to delegate listing, venue map and other important documents. Aside to having a digital copy, you get to save a lot of printing costs!

Library of Information

3. Content Management

For event organisers that require frequent updates, the ease of content management is important. At the minimum, the platform should be intuitive. The good thing about having an event app is the ability to upload your last-minute changes in real-time. You can make the amendments and your attendees can be notified immediately.


4. Increase Your Participation Level

Who doesn’t want a participative audience? Event app helps increase the participation level among your attendees. For attendees who fear public speaking, they can ask a question anonymously through the event app. Your speakers can also grasp the attendees’ sentiments immediately through the real-time audience responses.

Increase Participation Level

5. Data Collection

At the end of your event, you need data to evaluate your performances. The ease of data collection is another key consideration for an event app. It allows you to retrieve your reports instantaneously after each session. That said, you can definitely call for a meeting with all the reports on hand immediately after the event has ended.


The critical decision you need to make before deciding on an event app is choosing the type of app that best fit your event objectives. Having a single app tailored from your pre-event to post-event provides a continual flow in your data collection. Are you interested to find out more? Drop us an email now!

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

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