Conferences and Exhibitions at a Glance

Today, there is an app for almost everything – conferences and exhibitions are no exceptions. Event apps are not an absolute necessity but they are an expectation. Why? These apps have evolved into so much more than just providing digital content, it amplifies your event highlights and engages your attendees.


We all know conferences and exhibitions are large-scale events that require a lot of time, costs and effort. You must also coordinate and print out a lot of resources and floor plans to navigate your attendees. However, an event app can make your life so much easier. You can just upload everything into the app and your attendees will do the rest – read about your speakers, navigate with the interactive map, locate your exhibitors and interact.


Conferences and Exhibitions


Getting an event app is an investment but I assure you that it will definitely be worth it. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider getting an app for your next conferences or exhibitions.


Moving Banners for Your Event Sponsors

  • Display your sponsors’ logo on the moving banners to increase their brand awareness
  • Share your exhibition’s hourly special on the moving banner to capture more attention
  • Upload your event highlights to attract more visitors to your booth


Floor Plans and Exhibitor Listings

  • Lay out your exhibition hall floor plan to help your attendees navigate
  • Upload all your exhibitors’ information so your attendees can read up the relevant information or give ratings
  • Help your attendees locate the specific location of the exhibitors with an interactive map


What if you are organising conferences and exhibitions to share insights? Do you need more participation and interaction from the crowd? Having an event app can also help you achieve a two-way communication between your speaker and your attendees.

Floor plans, Q&A, Poll

Discussion Board

  • Provide a platform for your attendees to post and ‘like’ questions while remaining anonymous
  • Display selected questions on the projector screen so your attendees can identify the questions that are being addressed
  • Generate a word cloud to summarise the main points of the discussion topics


Live Polling

  • Conduct live polls and ask for real-time responses from your attendees
  • Populate the responses on the projector screen to co-create the content with your attendees
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Cai Ling

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