Whether you are presenting to a small group or big group of audience, there are many things you can do to achieve your communication goals. The simplest way to understand your audience is to ask them a simple question – How are you feeling right now? While it helps to warm up the atmosphere, you can also modify your presentation to fit in accordingly.


But how exactly do you get a response from most of the people, if not, everyone? Given that almost everyone owns a smart device in this digital age, how should we leverage on these smart devices or mobile apps to achieve the desired outcomes?


If you have not heard about an event app, it’s still not too late for you to check it out!


Live Poll for Quick Understanding

How many times have you posed a question to your audience, only to get many pairs of eyes staring back at you? Don’t blame them, many of us sit silently because we are afraid to speak out loud in front of others. So how can we bridge this gap?


Check out this live polling feature. It allows you to create live polls instantaneously so your audience can participate and respond without having to speak up. You can even project the real-time responses on your projector screen. Now that everyone understands everybody else’s sentiments, it definitely gives you an opportunity to co-create the next few minutes of content together with your audience.


live polling



Everyone has their own viewpoint. Another way to understand your audience is finding a common ground by taking perspective. We all know it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to a typical Q&A session. As an organiser, a speaker or a panellist, you want to figuratively step into the minds of your audience to understand the world from their perspective. But how much can you understand if you don’t have enough time to hear from everyone or if they don’t voice out?


Like I said earlier, it’s easier to express our opinions if we don’t have to voice out verbally. What’s better than having a continuous stream of questions and comments flowing in while the panellists are addressing the current issue? You will still see those questions and comments, regardless whether you have time to answer them. You will still be able to understand your audience’s perspective and provide them with a solution even after your presentation. This is definitely another way to foster audience engagement.


audience Q&A


That said, you don’t have to be a good speaker but if your audience feels there is good communication, their voices are heard, then they will listen and enjoy your presentation. The bottom line is simple – Understand your audience and they will understand you.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Today, we are more likely to see people staring at their smart devices rather than engaging in verbal communication. The developments in digital technology are shaping the future generation, future society and increasingly, the event planning industry.


In fact, event planners are ranked among the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2016, having to work under tremendous pressure to meet the clients’ needs in stressful situations. The burden of having to handle logistics in a paper-based system is another headache for the event planners. But thanks to technology, they will have an easier time managing their event now. Progressively, these event planners will also see a direct relation between the use of technology and engagement.


Event Apps


Event App


Gone are the days when you had to print papers to break down your schedule for your delegates. With a high percentage of smartphone users, event app will play an increasingly important role in how the planners engage the delegates. They have also become a popular choice among the event planners. But selecting the right app can be challenging and what should be your consideration?


How easy will it be to create an event app? How much must I invest? Can I display my brand prominently in the app? Can the app be downloaded across all the different operating system, i.e. iOS, android and web browser? These considerations should be the minimum when you are selecting the right app for your event.


Social Media


social media


Everyone should be familiar with social media and this needs no introduction. If you have already noticed, there are more people using the live streaming feature on Facebook. This is the perfect opportunity to engage your participants, including those you are not physically with you. Let them have direct access to the attendees’ experience and be engaged together.


Use social media to create excitement with snippets of videos or teasers. They are more likely to be drawn to it.






If you don’t know, iBeacon is becoming widely used in events. They are capable of tracking your delegates’ location so you can set up a personalised welcome message when they arrive or launch push notifications if you need to notify a certain group of people at a specific location. This will increase your engagement with them as well!


While it’s time for us to move together with the event tech trends, it is still important to choose the best technology for your event.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

What is email marketing? Simply put, it’s the process of marketing your products or services and directing your target audience’s attention via email. While it allows your organisation to reach out to new potential customers, it also helps to engage with your current ones. Email is one of the cheapest methods and it does generate sales. So how can you optimise email marketing to achieve your organisation’s goals?

Email to help, not to sell

Frustrated. Annoyed. Ignored. These were probably some of the feelings that surfaced when you sent out an email but received no response. Most people send emails simply with an aim to convert their recipients into customers but people are smart, they can tell. Your ultimate goal of sending out an email is to get them to open and read. So your subject line has to focus on them or how you can help them. Use the pronoun “you” to develop an affiliation with your recipients and if possible, include their name to deepen the connection – “Hi Alan, have you heard of Micepad?” It increases the chance of having your email opened.

No right time but the best time

Well, there are a lot of different articles out there but we have consolidated some of those optimal timings to send out an email. People get bombarded by lots of emails every day and most of them get overlooked. You definitely don’t want to be one of these senders. The most read email timing is somewhere in the afternoon between 12PM to 4PM when people are having their afternoon break. Tuesdays typically have the highest average email opens. We are not saying you must send your email specifically at these timings but there should be a balance to it as well.


Source: HubSpot

Focus on your content

Keep it short and sweet or as people would say, KISS. Once you have managed to get your recipients to open your email, the last thing you want them to do is to hit on the back button. So you have to craft your content well – how can your product or service help them achieve their goals? Sometimes, a simple infographic does wonders. Just take Uber as an example. They send infographics of their deals and promotions, and clear explanation of how these deals work. Brief and straight to the point – just perfect for recipients who skim through emails.


Source: A Cup of Tea

Once people have opened and read your email, then you are safe to say that more people are aware of you now. Or at least, heard of you. Should they respond to your email, then the next thing you can do is provide more details of how you can help them.

Email marketing might sound easy but balancing the bottom line of your message between helpful and hard cash is challenging. Hope these little tips will help you in the long run.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Event Technology or what some people would call it, Event Tech, has changed the way people organise and attend events now. With the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry continuing to thrive in Singapore, you can expect to see more event apps emerging as audiences now have higher expectation and are looking to be more engaged than ever before.


But really, what’s so important about these technologies that you’re missing out?


Big Data

As the name suggests, it is a term used to describe extreme volume of data that provides a source for analysis. For instance, event organisers can make use of analytic tools to discover the influential decisions for your attendees to sign up for an event. If that isn’t enough, you can also use iBeacons to track your attendees’ movement to see which booth they have entered and exited, and the duration. By then, you would have most of the information ready to analyse how much time was taken to engage each attendee at a booth.


big data


Increase Your Event Engagement Level

Once upon a time, conferences and trainings were mostly one-sided. All you could see was passive audience staring at you while you talked. But thanks to event tech, there’s a better way to boost engagement by having live canvas, poll, discussion and Q&A. In other words, you can have more interaction with your participants now! Oh, participants and not attendees because they can get engaged in your event now.




Immediate Evaluation

What’s more efficient than having someone to generate your reports while you spend more time on planning your next strategic moves. Yes, these event technologies are capable of generating immediate reports for your committee meeting that might happen right after the event. All ready to understand what went wrong especially if you still have a few days of event to go.


So in this era of technology, don’t be too surprised if you notice more event tech apps that can help you to consolidate all your event management tools. It’s time we redefine the future of events.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Name any social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you’d probably have one account with it. But even in the digital world, human touch still matters a lot. Technologies are meant to complement our capabilities, not replace.


Human Touch Matters

While you can conveniently look up for a person’s profile online in this digital age, you can’t offer a handshake online. The truth is, building a solid long-lasting relationship with your clients require a lot of human interaction. Simply put, you can’t expect people to buy big items online without the salesperson’s assistance before and after the sales service.


human interaction


Digital Technology Engagement

Companies need to invest in technologies but they can’t forget that we value personal interaction as well. Say for an event, you know you can never replace human interaction but you can use digital technologies to ensure and enhance engagement. You still need your speakers to lead the conversation but you can encourage digital communication to drive audience participation.


audience engagement


Digital Automation

Still, it makes sense that there are some things that technologies can do but we can’t, and that is automation. Sending email updates, analysing registration signup rates and evaluating post-event reports generally require a lot of time which event organisers are unwilling to spend so much time on. And that’s when technologies come in to hasten the process and mitigate the human error.


Essentially, a typical transaction or event can never be fully digitalised. Digital technologies are just tool that enhance our customers’ experience. One size does not fit all, so finding the right mix between human interaction and digital technologies is important.


Ultimately, it’s the people behind these technologies that matter.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.11.44 am


IBM Connect 2015 Executive Xchange brought together 500 forward thinking business visionaries, leaders and innovators from across ASEAN to explore new possibilities that can be tapped from disruptive technologies that are changing business and individualised interactions – from data science, intelligent apps, predictive analytics, cognitive computing with domain expertise, and new approaches to optimising security in a connected world. The event was held over two days, from 2-3 September 2015 at the Compass Ballroom at Resorts World Sentosa.




IBM Connect saw the launch of the latest version of Micepad in the event with new features implemented to help facilitate the main conference session, 26 breakout sessions as well as the experiential tours. Some of the features launched in the event included social media integration, targeted news feeds, iBeacon interactivity at the experiential tours and many more!


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.10.49 am


With the added layer of detailed analytics and social media integration to our engagement features, we were able to not only delight the users by making their experience unique and interactive, but also generate useful insights and patterns as they went about their tours and breakout sessions

How It Worked

Before the event, beacons were placed at each booth along the experiential tour route. Upon registration, each participant would be offered an iPad with the app which contained all the content that they needed and the engagement tools to facilitate two way engagement.




Before the main session started, participants were free to explore the various stops in the experiential tour. As they approached the various booths in the tour, a notification would be pushed to them, bringing their attention to the content of that booth. Tapping on the notification would bring up web pages, videos and even feedback forms which provided valuable information.


On top of that, the beacons were able to know when users entered and exited the booth, which provided useful information on the duration spent as well as how engaged they were and what content interested them.


If that wasn’t enough, targeted news feeds could also be sent to the different groups. This provided timely reminders for the sessions they were attending and helped increase the response rate for the feedback forms.


With an amazing experience for both the users and the organiser, Micepad is truly changing the way events are done slowly but surely. Contact us for a free demo today and be amazed at the things you can achieve and tangible returns you can receive through our technology.

Fung Yun Shan

Fung Yun Shan

Yun Shan is Micepad’s Content Marketer. A curator of sorts, she writes and manages the collection of blog posts for Micepad, as well as the Monthly Newsletter. She is always on the lookout for new things to write about.

About Us

As the name suggests, Micepad is derived from the merging of two concepts: MICE and iPads. MICE represents the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions Industry. Built and designed with the end user in mind, Micepad is integrated to run across any device, ranging from iOS, Android and even the web, to increase audience engagement and generate valuable insights during MICE events. Our work began in 2013, when we discovered an untapped area in the MICE Industry at a time when Singapore had already been established as one of the leading MICE destination. Since then, Micepad has been deployed all across Asia by top tier banking and pharmaceutical companies, reaching even as far as Australia and North America.




Paperless Conference

Micepad aims to pave the way towards a modern way of conducting MICE events with our software and event support. Our mobile solution caters not only to the tech-savvy generation, but also to the older generation through our user-friendly interface. Gone are the days when last minute printing and stacks of event materials are the norm. With Micepad, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, making a difference not only to the environment but also to the richness of information they gather through each event.


Customised Design

At Micepad, we understand the importance of branding and distinct individuality. Hence, we go the extra mile to customise our App according to your needs and branding. There is no need to fear that your event would appear identical to another company; each design is unique and built for you.


Engagement Features

What really sets us apart from standard event apps in the market is our ability to seamlessly merge static content with engagement features. Through our app, everyone is given a voice. Questions posted by attendees are directed to the speakers or moderators to facilitate discussions. What’s more, our live polling feature can be created and carried out on the fly, to instant results! This helps to create a direction for the discussion to head towards. To top it off, we even have timed quizzes with a live leader board and feedback, which can be gathered instantaneously. All of these are provided at your convenience, without any manual tally or data entry on your part.


SCB Quiz


Maintenance and Event Support

Above all, our main aim is to ensure that our clients deliver the best event possible. This means that we provide maintenance and event support right from the conceptualisation of the event, to the planning and execution stages of the event, as well as post-event reports and evaluation. With such rich information gathered effortlessly, you will never go back to the old way of doing things again.


Contact us today at enquiry@micepadapp.com for a free consultation!


Fung Yun Shan

Fung Yun Shan

Yun Shan is Micepad’s Content Marketer. A curator of sorts, she writes and manages the collection of blog posts for Micepad, as well as the Monthly Newsletter. She is always on the lookout for new things to write about.