If you organise events frequently, event apps should not be new to you. Event apps help organisers digitise all of their planning processes from registration to uploading of agenda, content, delegates listing and so on. More importantly, it synchronises the work across all your fellow organisers to keep everyone in the loop.


Here are the top 5 reasons to digitise your event for increased productivity.


1. Automated Registration Check-In

The last thing you want to do for registration is to go through your guest lists, filter your guests accordingly and send out a personalised email one by one. This is super time-consuming. I believe you would agree with me that automating this process can increase your productivity. On the event day, your guests can even scan their QR code to self-check-in. More importantly, they can complete the registration process and proceed into the hall within a few minutes.


2. Information Library

Your attendees need to know about your event information. Having a digital copy of everything provides so much convenience for everyone. The app stores all your content from session schedules to delegate listing, venue map and other important documents. Aside to having a digital copy, you get to save a lot of printing costs!

Library of Information

3. Content Management

For event organisers that require frequent updates, the ease of content management is important. At the minimum, the platform should be intuitive. The good thing about having an event app is the ability to upload your last-minute changes in real-time. You can make the amendments and your attendees can be notified immediately.


4. Increase Your Participation Level

Who doesn’t want a participative audience? Event app helps increase the participation level among your attendees. For attendees who fear public speaking, they can ask a question anonymously through the event app. Your speakers can also grasp the attendees’ sentiments immediately through the real-time audience responses.

Increase Participation Level

5. Data Collection

At the end of your event, you need data to evaluate your performances. The ease of data collection is another key consideration for an event app. It allows you to retrieve your reports instantaneously after each session. That said, you can definitely call for a meeting with all the reports on hand immediately after the event has ended.


The critical decision you need to make before deciding on an event app is choosing the type of app that best fit your event objectives. Having a single app tailored from your pre-event to post-event provides a continual flow in your data collection. Are you interested to find out more? Drop us an email now!

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Last minute changes? Even the most experienced event organisers will encounter this during an event. Pulling off a successful event requires countless hours of planning and detailed consideration but a small change is enough to ruin all the efforts.


Last minute changes


Personally, I have seen many speakers going up to the event organisers to update their slides minutes before going on the stage. Can you imagine the next few minutes? Yes, the organisers would be scrambling through their piles of papers to rectify these changes. Even so, it is almost impossible to rectify the changes on those printed collaterals. That said, it will be possible if you are managing your event digitally.


Whether there is an overrun, change in venue or shift in schedule, an event app can help you communicate these changes in a matter of seconds.


Updating Your Content Digitally

Last minute changes? No need to worry. If there are any changes, you can amend it from the back end and it will be reflected in real-time. Changes in your schedules? You can drag and drop the content block to rearrange your schedule easily.


Real-time Changes


Push Notifications for Important Announcements

Change in location after a break? Afraid that your attendees might not notice the changes that you have updated? You can send a push notification to your selected group of users to notify them of the changes.


Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Today, there is an app for almost everything – conferences and exhibitions are no exceptions. Event apps are not an absolute necessity but they are an expectation. Why? These apps have evolved into so much more than just providing digital content, it amplifies your event highlights and engages your attendees.


We all know conferences and exhibitions are large-scale events that require a lot of time, costs and effort. You must also coordinate and print out a lot of resources and floor plans to navigate your attendees. However, an event app can make your life so much easier. You can just upload everything into the app and your attendees will do the rest – read about your speakers, navigate with the interactive map, locate your exhibitors and interact.


Conferences and Exhibitions


Getting an event app is an investment but I assure you that it will definitely be worth it. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider getting an app for your next conferences or exhibitions.


Moving Banners for Your Event Sponsors

  • Display your sponsors’ logo on the moving banners to increase their brand awareness
  • Share your exhibition’s hourly special on the moving banner to capture more attention
  • Upload your event highlights to attract more visitors to your booth


Floor Plans and Exhibitor Listings

  • Lay out your exhibition hall floor plan to help your attendees navigate
  • Upload all your exhibitors’ information so your attendees can read up the relevant information or give ratings
  • Help your attendees locate the specific location of the exhibitors with an interactive map


What if you are organising conferences and exhibitions to share insights? Do you need more participation and interaction from the crowd? Having an event app can also help you achieve a two-way communication between your speaker and your attendees.

Floor plans, Q&A, Poll

Discussion Board

  • Provide a platform for your attendees to post and ‘like’ questions while remaining anonymous
  • Display selected questions on the projector screen so your attendees can identify the questions that are being addressed
  • Generate a word cloud to summarise the main points of the discussion topics


Live Polling

  • Conduct live polls and ask for real-time responses from your attendees
  • Populate the responses on the projector screen to co-create the content with your attendees
Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Can I have a unified platform to integrate everything? I need to set up a registration page and send out invitations. Meanwhile, I also have to think of ideas to engage my attendees and ensure they have sufficient networking opportunities.

These thoughts must have run through your mind at least once if you consider yourself as an event organiser. While you may think there are many event tools to engage your attendees, majority serve only one need. More often than not, you will even have a harder time communicating with different vendors and duplicating your event information in the different systems. Likewise, it is also a hassle for attendees to login into different systems to access your event information.


All in One Platform

Organisers loved that Micepad helps to enhance their attendees’ event experience. However, we also understand the importance of having a unified platform to provide greater convenience for everyone. So, we have seamlessly integrated our registration feature, business matching and event app in one platform.

Unified Platform

Having said that, it will reduce the hassle of creating multiple logins for your attendees. As event organisers, you will also achieve continuity in terms of user engagement and analytics throughout your event. Better still, you only have to communicate with Micepad to ensure consistency across all your event platforms.


From the Beginning to the End

With our unified platform, you can combine and access all your event information in one place. You can also send email reminders and confirmation to the different group of guests to keep them updated on your event. Micepad’s whole-of-event approach helps to create a wonderful experience for your attendees. Immediately after their registration, your attendees will receive a QR code to download the app and start their networking sessions with the other attendees.


Micepad Process


While attendees continue to stay in touch with one another after your event, you can also retrieve and analyse your event outcomes thereafter.


Awesome Experience

Trust me, consistent branding is the key to having a memorable event experience. The better experience you provide to your attendees, the higher chances of them recalling your brand in future. Save more time and make your job easier.


Interested to try our unified platform to streamline your planning process? Drop us an email at enquiry@micepadapp.com or request for a free demo here.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

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In an earlier post, we talked about using event app to save time and costs, increase sponsor opportunities and engage attendees. You may still have many questions running through your mind – what else can an event app do for event organisers? Today, events of all sizes leverage event app for different purposes. While some organisers use it primarily to engage their attendees, others use it to retrieve analytics conveniently.


Yes, you can gain access to real-time analytics and retrieve it at any time of your event.


Cross Platform app


Gaining Insights to Your Attendees

I am sure all event organisers will nod their head in unison when I say event insights are important. Your event insights help you process, understand and bring to light your attendees’ experiences. By gaining a quick understanding of their sentiments, you can relate better to your attendees. Having said that, you can use an event app to set up a live poll to populate real-time responses. You can also get your speakers to co-create their content with the attendees’ responses to build a closer community.



Data Analytics

Apart from gathering insights to your attendees’ sentiments, you can also ensure your event success with the real-time analytics. From reviewing discussions to identifying content with the highest viewership to retrieving reports for post-event meetings, an event app can simplify your work process while helping you to monitor event engagement.


Improve ROI with event app


Whether you are looking at reducing your printing costs or engaging your attendees, an event app can definitely help to fill the void of your needs. Trust me, once you get started on an event app, you will never want to organise your next event without it again. It provides so much convenience and effectiveness that can help you achieve your objectives better than before!


At Micepad, we are committed to serving your needs at every phase of your event. It is a new year and a new start, so allow us to help you achieve your objectives for the year! Have more questions for us? Contact us to find out more now.


Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Whether you are presenting to a small group or big group of audience, there are many things you can do to achieve your communication goals. The simplest way to understand your audience is to ask them a simple question – How are you feeling right now? While it helps to warm up the atmosphere, you can also modify your presentation to fit in accordingly.


But how exactly do you get a response from most of the people, if not, everyone? Given that almost everyone owns a smart device in this digital age, how should we leverage on these smart devices or mobile apps to achieve the desired outcomes?


If you have not heard about an event app, it’s still not too late for you to check it out!


Live Poll for Quick Understanding

How many times have you posed a question to your audience, only to get many pairs of eyes staring back at you? Don’t blame them, many of us sit silently because we are afraid to speak out loud in front of others. So how can we bridge this gap?


Check out this live polling feature. It allows you to create live polls instantaneously so your audience can participate and respond without having to speak up. You can even project the real-time responses on your projector screen. Now that everyone understands everybody else’s sentiments, it definitely gives you an opportunity to co-create the next few minutes of content together with your audience.


live polling



Everyone has their own viewpoint. Another way to understand your audience is finding a common ground by taking perspective. We all know it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to a typical Q&A session. As an organiser, a speaker or a panellist, you want to figuratively step into the minds of your audience to understand the world from their perspective. But how much can you understand if you don’t have enough time to hear from everyone or if they don’t voice out?


Like I said earlier, it’s easier to express our opinions if we don’t have to voice out verbally. What’s better than having a continuous stream of questions and comments flowing in while the panellists are addressing the current issue? You will still see those questions and comments, regardless whether you have time to answer them. You will still be able to understand your audience’s perspective and provide them with a solution even after your presentation. This is definitely another way to foster audience engagement.


audience Q&A


That said, you don’t have to be a good speaker but if your audience feels there is good communication, their voices are heard, then they will listen and enjoy your presentation. The bottom line is simple – Understand your audience and they will understand you.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Event Technology or what some people would call it, Event Tech, has changed the way people organise and attend events now. With the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry continuing to thrive in Singapore, you can expect to see more event apps emerging as audiences now have higher expectation and are looking to be more engaged than ever before.


But really, what’s so important about these technologies that you’re missing out?


Big Data

As the name suggests, it is a term used to describe extreme volume of data that provides a source for analysis. For instance, event organisers can make use of analytic tools to discover the influential decisions for your attendees to sign up for an event. If that isn’t enough, you can also use iBeacons to track your attendees’ movement to see which booth they have entered and exited, and the duration. By then, you would have most of the information ready to analyse how much time was taken to engage each attendee at a booth.


big data


Increase Your Event Engagement Level

Once upon a time, conferences and trainings were mostly one-sided. All you could see was passive audience staring at you while you talked. But thanks to event tech, there’s a better way to boost engagement by having live canvas, poll, discussion and Q&A. In other words, you can have more interaction with your participants now! Oh, participants and not attendees because they can get engaged in your event now.




Immediate Evaluation

What’s more efficient than having someone to generate your reports while you spend more time on planning your next strategic moves. Yes, these event technologies are capable of generating immediate reports for your committee meeting that might happen right after the event. All ready to understand what went wrong especially if you still have a few days of event to go.


So in this era of technology, don’t be too surprised if you notice more event tech apps that can help you to consolidate all your event management tools. It’s time we redefine the future of events.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

If you asked any event organisers what metrics they used to assess their event success in the past, they would probably tell you that it is the number. The number of visitors and booths that have registered and turned up for the exhibitions or conferences. Today, they want more than numbers, they want to create business opportunities.


Of course, with technology, it is possible to meet your future business partners to create business opportunities with a Business Matching app.


business matching



Before browsing through the profiles listed on the Business Matching app, participants can create and save their own profile. The other participants at your exhibition will be ranked according to the relevance of each participant based on their indicated interests. More importantly, there is no need for them to talk to find out each other’s interest. They would have known it in the profile of their prospects.



The participant can request a meeting with other participants to discuss their business opportunities. Needless to say, Business Matching has helped event organisers facilitate business networking between the participants to explore more opportunities.


business opportunities



Participants will receive a reminder when the meeting time is approaching. Organisers, on the other hand, will also be able to review the networking analytics and statistics such as the number of successful meetings and ratings.


Essentially, the analytics will provide an easier alternative to evaluate your event metrics since they are all quantifiable.


Want to redefine the success of your event? Contact us to find out more now!

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

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Running events can be time-consuming. The check-in process can also be annoying for the attendees if the queue gets too long. But what’s worse than having to spend hours at the doors checking in your attendees with papers and spreadsheets. Having the appropriate resources can help you manage your event effectively. Earlier, we talked about the RSVP app.


Attendees can check-in your event using the unique QR code they received during the registration. This will smoothen your check-in process while providing a great experience for your attendees.


Paperless Registration

With the RSVP app and unique QR codes for each attendee, you can automate and simplify your entire registration process. Your costs will also be significantly reduced without having to print so many sheets of papers and spreadsheets.


QR code check-in


Faster Check-in Process

Your attendees would probably take only a minute to scan their QR codes and have their name badges printed. That said, you don’t even have get extra manpower to control the crowd because there is likely to be no queue for the registration. Your manpower can just be there to facilitate the process.


Furthermore, you can also save the troubles of running from table to table just to check the attendance for a particular attendee because the data will be synced across all the check-in kiosks. In other words, you will have live updates about the attendance.


QR code


Attendance Analytics

There is a possibility of human error if you register your attendees in the traditional way of using papers and spreadsheets. However, automating your registration process will mitigate this human error. More importantly, you can also receive reports about signup and check-in rates.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Event coordinators are ranked the fifth most stressful job in 2016. For obvious reasons, attention to detail matters a lot in this job because you can’t afford too many things to go wrong during your event. Like many organisers out there, you must have found the registration process to be extremely bothersome especially if you still have a lot of administrative and logistics matters to handle. Yet without registration, you will have no attendee to even start your event.


Not to worry. Earlier in the year, we have launched our new feature – RSVP.


RSVP app


It must be a great relief for all the event organisers out there because you will have more time in your hands to settle the other aspects of your event. So how exactly can the RSVP feature help to lighten your workload?


Automate and Speed Up the RSVP Process

The last thing you want is to go through troubles just to consolidate all your delegates’ details from all over the places. With the RSVP feature, you can build your own registration website and gather your delegates’ details in just one platform. Every registrant will also receive a unique QR code for them to check-in during your event.


Arrival Notifications

Upon arrival, the delegates can register themselves using the QR code that they have received during the registration. Otherwise, you can assign personnel to be stationed at the check-in counter to assist them.


Meanwhile, you will also have access to the real-time attendance of your delegates and VIPs arrival that will provide a better cue to start your event promptly.


RSVP app


Having said that, you can now spend more time executing and ensuring that your event is running smoothly. Interested in the RSVP feature? Want to find out more? Request a free demo now!


Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.