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Personalisation is a type of customer experience strategy. Whether it provides real-time interaction or helps attendees to network, event apps can enhance the overall event experience. All thanks to these apps, attendees can participate in more exciting ways. However, if everyone is using the same interface, there is no point of differentiation. This is why personalising your attendees’ experience is important.


Examples of features geared towards personalisation are as simple as a personalised profile and agenda. Your attendees can get to edit their personal information and upload their profile picture. They can also bookmark the agenda to create a customised set of schedule. That said, everyone’s experience will differ despite using the same app.

Personalised Profile


So what is the importance of personalising your attendees’ experience, you may ask. Even before the start of your event, you can personalise your attendees’ experience by printing a name badge for their check-in. It helps people to identify them, making them feel valued.


Personalise Event Experience


Help Attendees Create An Event of Their Own

Leverage on the personal profile and personalised agenda to help your attendees make your event their own. By creating an experience tailored to their schedule, your attendees can enjoy a highly engaging experience at your event. It feels as though the event is catered for their individual needs.


Build Loyalty

The more personalised your event is, the more valued your attendees will feel. Once they feel valued, they will most likely participate and return for your subsequent events. Your attendees will also remember your event messages better if their experience is personalised.


Cultivate a Sense of Belonging

By committing to personalisation, you will address the different preferences of your attendees to create a highly engaged event experience. Personalising your event experience will also help to build a connection between yourself and your attendees, thus cultivating a sense of belonging within your community.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

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Going mobile is on top of everybody’s mind but what does it mean to make your meetings mobile? Why would your attendees care about an app in a meeting? If mobile is the face of digital, then mobile app is the face of engagement.


Digitalisation is spreading throughout the event industry and your attendees are looking for a worthwhile digital experience. As organisers, you should be shifting your priorities to meet this new expectation. People always say you will lose if you snooze. However, it is still not late for you to understand how mobile app features can benefit everyone at your event.

Mobile App



Attendees have the freedom to plan and customise their event experience. For instance, they can:

  • Learn about speakers before the start of your event
  • Connect with like-minded participants to venture new opportunities
  • Email and share the digital copy of speakers’ slides
  • Engage in live polls and discussions to populate real-time responses



Speakers have more opportunities to interact with your attendees. They can use features such as real-time discussions to encourage more interaction and co-create the content with the attendees.



For organisers, your mobile app will now become a digital guide for your attendees. There are also other benefits such as:

  • Updating changes at the last minute
  • Notifying attendees with important announcements
  • Saving costs on printing collateral
  • Retrieving analytics instantaneously


If you want your attendees to access information at their fingertips and increase their engagement, then you should try a mobile app today. You can also deal with lesser logistics matters and increase your productivity at the same time.


Drop us an email here if you want to increase your productivity for your next event!


Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Can I have a unified platform to integrate everything? I need to set up a registration page and send out invitations. Meanwhile, I also have to think of ideas to engage my attendees and ensure they have sufficient networking opportunities.

These thoughts must have run through your mind at least once if you consider yourself as an event organiser. While you may think there are many event tools to engage your attendees, majority serve only one need. More often than not, you will even have a harder time communicating with different vendors and duplicating your event information in the different systems. Likewise, it is also a hassle for attendees to login into different systems to access your event information.


All in One Platform

Organisers loved that Micepad helps to enhance their attendees’ event experience. However, we also understand the importance of having a unified platform to provide greater convenience for everyone. So, we have seamlessly integrated our registration feature, business matching and event app in one platform.

Unified Platform

Having said that, it will reduce the hassle of creating multiple logins for your attendees. As event organisers, you will also achieve continuity in terms of user engagement and analytics throughout your event. Better still, you only have to communicate with Micepad to ensure consistency across all your event platforms.


From the Beginning to the End

With our unified platform, you can combine and access all your event information in one place. You can also send email reminders and confirmation to the different group of guests to keep them updated on your event. Micepad’s whole-of-event approach helps to create a wonderful experience for your attendees. Immediately after their registration, your attendees will receive a QR code to download the app and start their networking sessions with the other attendees.


Micepad Process


While attendees continue to stay in touch with one another after your event, you can also retrieve and analyse your event outcomes thereafter.


Awesome Experience

Trust me, consistent branding is the key to having a memorable event experience. The better experience you provide to your attendees, the higher chances of them recalling your brand in future. Save more time and make your job easier.


Interested to try our unified platform to streamline your planning process? Drop us an email at or request for a free demo here.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

For event organisers to get larger budgets for future events, you have to prove your event ROI first. Like anyone else, the management needs to see returns before they are willing to invest more. So how do you ensure that you will get the maximum return?


If you have been attending events in the past year or so, you would have realised many events include an event app now. They are becoming a standard, something that people feel uncomfortable without.


Here are some ways our clients use event apps to boost their performance.


Reducing Cost and Increasing Productivity

Save trees and save cost. Papers are so passé. Admit it, you don’t like holding on to pieces of papers especially when you are going to be walking around the whole day. Then why would you print event agenda or brochures for your attendees? The last thing you want them to do is to dump those papers once they turn away from you.


Worse still, what if you notice a minor mistake only after you have printed it? Edit that mistake and send it for printing again? Such a waste of time. You should be spending your time more effectively doing other things that are more productive.


However, with an event app, you can definitely edit those mistakes even minutes before your event starts. Attendees can also have access to all your event information anytime they need it. More importantly, you get to reduce your printing costs significantly.


event app


Increasing Sponsor Opportunities

Event apps present many opportunities to clinch new sponsorship deals. You can create a sponsor page in the event app that lists all your sponsors’ information, logos and HTML links. You can even allow them to place images in the moving banner to increase their exposure.


Giving Attendees a Voice

What about your attendees? One of the main reasons why organisers use event apps is to drive audience engagement. As we have always seen in Q&A, only a handful will ask questions and the rest will continue staring at the speaker.


Audience voice


Instead, posting questions and comments can be alternatives to speaking into the microphone. This will definitely boost the engagement and moderators will also have a better sense of the issues to address.


That’s it for now, hope you have found it incredible to utilise an event app for your next event. Stay tuned for more benefits coming up soon!

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

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November has been a busy month for us but no, we are not complaining. It is a good thing for us to be busy. For the past few weeks, there were a lot of events especially during the Singapore FinTech Festival week that was held from 14 November to 18 November.


This week, we will be supporting Project Inspire Grand Finals that will be happening on 24 November at Marina Bay Sands. Project Inspire is a joint-initiative between the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard. As the name suggests, it presents a five-minute platform for young change-makers to pitch their inspired ideas. These ideas will help create a better world for the women and girls in Asia Pacific.


Project Inspire


The finalists will demonstrate their ideas on the theme of ‘Empowering Women Through Safety and Security’. Once again, Micepad is proud to be the event app partner for Project Inspire 2016.


While finalists demonstrate their ideas on the stage, the attendees can also get to chat with the other attendees via the chat feature in the event app. It works just like your Facebook messenger. Other than that, you can also get raise questions during the Grand Finals via the event app.


Interested to find out more about the event information? Download the Project Inspire app from either App Store or Play Store now. Otherwise, you can head over to Project Inspire to find out more.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Why is networking important? It opens up opportunities, so learning how to network effectively is one of the essential skills you need especially if you want to advance in your professional life. You need these networking skills to be acquainted with the right person to help you get to places that you might not otherwise reach. If you are lucky, you might even land yourself in a dream job.


Network on a Personal Level


Connecting on a personal level


To cultivate a real and deep networking relationships, you need to let people know what you are doing. To be more credible, they need to know that you are good at it. But all these require investment, it takes time for people to trust you. Humans are naturally attracted to like-minded others, so we need to spend time bonding with them over mutual interests other than business. And this leads us to the next point.


Diversify Your Network

No point investing all your time on a single person. There’s only so much a person can do. Most of the time, you need people in your network to refer you. And having a diverse network expands these referrals. The more people you know, the more they can help you get the job done.


Micepad App to Your Rescue

Easier said than done. You can’t possibly know people have similar interests if you don’t spend more time connecting with them on a personal level but Micepad app can. In a large-scale networking event, you have the best opportunity to diverse your network but you only want to do it selectively.


Micepad has a business matching that is essentially a networking feature. It ensures that you network with prospects most relevant to your interests. Now you can spend more time diversifying your network that is more relevant to you.


Rekindle that Network


Rekindle your relationship


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your network if you’ve lost that. But you know how we often reject our “friends” who call us out of the blue because they want to “review and advise” on our financial portfolio. So the best way is, don’t even lose touch in the first place. If they have helped you, help them back. If they have not, then all the more you should extend your helping hands to them. It takes two hands to clap, so you should always be maintaining your network.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Singapore Productivity Conference and Exhibition 2016 (SPCE 2016) was organised by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). Established on 1 April 2002, SBF is the apex business chamber that represents the interests of Singapore business community in the areas of trade, investment and industrial relations both locally and overseas.


Singapore Productivity Conference and Exhibition 2016



SPCE 2016 was held on 1 – 2 November and it aimed to help the industry builds capabilities for holistic productivity. There were discussions about the challenges companies faced in increasing productivity as well as strategies for transforming companies into profitable enterprises through innovation, collaboration, technology and people development. Minister for Manpower, Mr Lim Swee Say and Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry & the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Ms Sim Ann were also present for the event.


We are proud to be the Conference App Sponsor for the SPCE 2016. App users were able to access event information, speakers’ profile, programme outline, exhibition floor plan as well as exhibitors’ information in the Micepad app.


If you were there during the conference, you would have noticed another main highlight of the Micepad app during the panel discussion where panellists were using the app to enhance their interaction with the audience. There were incoming questions relating to other issues posted in the app while the panellists were still on a specific topic. Those questions were also displayed on the projector screen for everyone present to review.


Singapore Productivity Conference and Exhibition 2016


In the past, you would have to wait for the panellists to finish addressing a certain issue before you can raise another one. Sometimes you might even miss a chance to voice out if the discussion got carried away or someone else stood up and spoke into the microphone earlier than you.


However, in this digital age, Q&A sessions no longer require you to speak into the microphone. As you have seen how Micepad does it, you will never miss a chance to voice out. You can post your questions at any time and be assured that someone will definitely notice it. That’s how you do it with Micepad.


As the organisers concluded SPCE 2016, we are still thankful for this sponsorship opportunity and hope that all the organisers and attendees have benefited from all the sessions and exhibitions. If you have any burning questions relating to Micepad app, do feel free to contact us!

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Today, we are more likely to see people staring at their smart devices rather than engaging in verbal communication. The developments in digital technology are shaping the future generation, future society and increasingly, the event planning industry.


In fact, event planners are ranked among the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2016, having to work under tremendous pressure to meet the clients’ needs in stressful situations. The burden of having to handle logistics in a paper-based system is another headache for the event planners. But thanks to technology, they will have an easier time managing their event now. Progressively, these event planners will also see a direct relation between the use of technology and engagement.


Event Apps


Event App


Gone are the days when you had to print papers to break down your schedule for your delegates. With a high percentage of smartphone users, event app will play an increasingly important role in how the planners engage the delegates. They have also become a popular choice among the event planners. But selecting the right app can be challenging and what should be your consideration?


How easy will it be to create an event app? How much must I invest? Can I display my brand prominently in the app? Can the app be downloaded across all the different operating system, i.e. iOS, android and web browser? These considerations should be the minimum when you are selecting the right app for your event.


Social Media


social media


Everyone should be familiar with social media and this needs no introduction. If you have already noticed, there are more people using the live streaming feature on Facebook. This is the perfect opportunity to engage your participants, including those you are not physically with you. Let them have direct access to the attendees’ experience and be engaged together.


Use social media to create excitement with snippets of videos or teasers. They are more likely to be drawn to it.






If you don’t know, iBeacon is becoming widely used in events. They are capable of tracking your delegates’ location so you can set up a personalised welcome message when they arrive or launch push notifications if you need to notify a certain group of people at a specific location. This will increase your engagement with them as well!


While it’s time for us to move together with the event tech trends, it is still important to choose the best technology for your event.

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Audience and participants. Same same but different. While audience connotes a passive receiver, participant on the other hand is usually proactive in giving and engaging in deeper conversations.


As a host, as a speaker or as a presenter, you must have spent days racking your brain for ideas to turn your audience into participants. Your best takeaway should be to encourage these participants to co-create the content with you while you speak. Easier said than done, how exactly?


Mingle and Amp Up the Fun

Recently I went for a conference alone and sure, it felt intimidating but I remember one thing the speaker did to make everyone feel at ease. He made us walk across the room to mingle with everyone else. It definitely helped to break the ice because towards the end, I noticed more people talking to one another.


Throughout the talk, the speaker also provided a lot of opportunities for interaction. Well, maybe a gimmick but he encouraged the audience to take out our phones to connect with him on LinkedIn. Again, I see many people discussing about his profile in that few minutes. He even went on Facebook live together with all of us! That’s how exactly he warmed up the crowd.




Sharing is Caring

Like I said earlier, perhaps your best takeaway should be to co-create content with your participants. So use a platform that allows them to participate. Use surveys and polls, or give them a topic and get them to share their stories. It engages them and makes them feel empowered to be part of the sharing.




Giving Recognition to Your Participants

You and I, we like to be recognised so acknowledge your participants’ questions. If possible, integrate their stories into your sharing session and make them feel more connected. They will be more willing to engage in your session.


A very good example of how the same speaker gave recognition to the participants who answered his questions – prizes. Nothing fanciful but it got everyone excited to answer his questions. He gave recognition and rewards so it encourages people to share more.


When people start sharing, the engagement level increases. And there, you have captivated their heart and successfully transformed your audience from passive receivers into active participants!


Have more ideas to engage your audience? Share them with us!

Cai Ling

Cai Ling

As a Digital Marketer at Micepad, Cai Ling is always eager to share new content and updates with you.

Panel discussions, polling questions and two way communication, that’s exactly what happened at our very first event for the year! Held at St. Regis Hotel, dinner guests were treated to an engaging discussion among the wealth panel moderated by the very experience moderator Lisa Oake, the former anchor of CNBC for 16 years!



With an iPad placed right in front of each guest while they had their dinner, it was easy to get their opinions through poll questions that popped on their iPads instantly. These polls were done strategically at the beginning of each panellist opening remarks to guide and steer the discussion for that evening.


The iPads also served as a useful tool for participants’ to ask questions from wherever they are at any time during their meal. It was also a good place to store content for participants’ to view to find out on the latest updates, happenings and products.



Overall, it was a very successful event which saw many conversations carry on event after the panel discussion and dinner was over. No matter how simple or complex your event may be, try out a conference or event app today! Give participants’ the convenience of having access to all your content and the liberty to interact with the speaker and each other.


At Micepad, we believe that Meeting and Conferences should be made engaging with useful data and insights captured to provide meaningful outcomes to your conference and event. Contact us today for more information!

Shane Meyer

Shane Meyer

Shane is Micepad’s Sales Manager and Content Writer. Having learnt invaluable lessons in different types of events and conferences, he is all set to share his experiences with you in the field of paperless conferences, audience engagement and mobile applications.