Business Matching Creates More Business Opportunities

If you asked any event organisers what metrics they used to assess their event success in the past, they would probably tell you that it is the number. The number of visitors and booths that have registered and turned up for the exhibitions or conferences. Today, they want more than numbers, they want to create business opportunities.


Of course, with technology, it is possible to meet your future business partners to create business opportunities with a Business Matching app.


business matching



Before browsing through the profiles listed on the Business Matching app, participants can create and save their own profile. The other participants at your exhibition will be ranked according to the relevance of each participant based on their indicated interests. More importantly, there is no need for them to talk to find out each other’s interest. They would have known it in the profile of their prospects.



The participant can request a meeting with other participants to discuss their business opportunities. Needless to say, Business Matching has helped event organisers facilitate business networking between the participants to explore more opportunities.


business opportunities



Participants will receive a reminder when the meeting time is approaching. Organisers, on the other hand, will also be able to review the networking analytics and statistics such as the number of successful meetings and ratings.


Essentially, the analytics will provide an easier alternative to evaluate your event metrics since they are all quantifiable.


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Cai Ling

Cai Ling

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