Beacons Shine/Connect at IBM Connect 2015 Executive Xchange

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IBM Connect 2015 Executive Xchange brought together 500 forward thinking business visionaries, leaders and innovators from across ASEAN to explore new possibilities that can be tapped from disruptive technologies that are changing business and individualised interactions – from data science, intelligent apps, predictive analytics, cognitive computing with domain expertise, and new approaches to optimising security in a connected world. The event was held over two days, from 2-3 September 2015 at the Compass Ballroom at Resorts World Sentosa.




IBM Connect saw the launch of the latest version of Micepad in the event with new features implemented to help facilitate the main conference session, 26 breakout sessions as well as the experiential tours. Some of the features launched in the event included social media integration, targeted news feeds, iBeacon interactivity at the experiential tours and many more!


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With the added layer of detailed analytics and social media integration to our engagement features, we were able to not only delight the users by making their experience unique and interactive, but also generate useful insights and patterns as they went about their tours and breakout sessions

How It Worked

Before the event, beacons were placed at each booth along the experiential tour route. Upon registration, each participant would be offered an iPad with the app which contained all the content that they needed and the engagement tools to facilitate two way engagement.




Before the main session started, participants were free to explore the various stops in the experiential tour. As they approached the various booths in the tour, a notification would be pushed to them, bringing their attention to the content of that booth. Tapping on the notification would bring up web pages, videos and even feedback forms which provided valuable information.


On top of that, the beacons were able to know when users entered and exited the booth, which provided useful information on the duration spent as well as how engaged they were and what content interested them.


If that wasn’t enough, targeted news feeds could also be sent to the different groups. This provided timely reminders for the sessions they were attending and helped increase the response rate for the feedback forms.


With an amazing experience for both the users and the organiser, Micepad is truly changing the way events are done slowly but surely. Contact us for a free demo today and be amazed at the things you can achieve and tangible returns you can receive through our technology.

Fung Yun Shan

Fung Yun Shan

Yun Shan is Micepad’s Content Marketer. A curator of sorts, she writes and manages the collection of blog posts for Micepad, as well as the Monthly Newsletter. She is always on the lookout for new things to write about.