10 Tips for a Better Survey

Like many people out there, you probably find the feedback process a chore, time consuming and repetitive. Yet, feedbacks are one of the most important things in any event or conference as it is the only tangible and quantifiable thing that you can take away. As the only return of investment from all that money spent during the event, you better do it well!


Whether you prefer the more traditional pen and paper or newer technologies that allows you to capture all these information through mobile apps, our tips has been proven to dramatically increase response rate in our events. Inspired by the movie White Chicks, it is now time to totally kickass.


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1. Timing

Always schedule time for the attendees to complete the feedback and complete it accurately! It could be just before every tea break, as speakers’ change over or even just before the closing. All that matters is you capture their valuable insights while it is still fresh. Allocate time for it instead of just a reminder as they walk out the door for post event drinks and networking. Definitely don’t have it a few days after the event! By then, no one would bother and memory would have faded.


2. Traceability

Being able to follow up with a feedback that is given can be extremely useful. As much as possible, try and track responses and trace them to a person. This will give you an opportunity to find out more, clarify and dig deeper.


3. Tailored

Always tailor your feedback to your attendees! Knowing their background and who they are can help you design questions that will be able to tap on their knowledge for better insights.


Having different ways of collecting feedback that is tailored to the session helps as well! It need not always be in the traditional form. One way which you could get feedback from are through Word Clouds!



Like any effective discussion and negotiation, always keep it short and sweet. The shorter you can design your feedback without sacrificing on the information you would like to gather, the better. With attention spans declining, and busy schedules, doing this will increase response rates significantly.


With mobile applications, shorter feedback forms, which only consist of 2-3 questions can be pushed out after every session. Increasing the frequency not only spreads out the mental capacity needed, but also captures the information almost immediately!


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5. Incentives

While you can do so much to make the feedback as easy as possible, there still will be people who just do not want to give their feedback. Why not incentivise them? Free gifts in exchange for feedback always work!


6. Convenience & Consistency

Having a consistent rhythm of collecting feedback is one way of anticipating attendees so that they will not feel so taken aback. Mobile apps has helped significantly with this, especially with pop ups and push notifications. So try them out! Push them at the end of every session and watch as the numbers total automatically! Not only do you remove data entry and human error, having attendees’ complete feedback on their own devices with a few taps and clicks makes the process a lot more bearable.


7. Keep formatting consistent

Keeping formatting consistent not only helps avoid confusion but makes it a lot easer to fill up. If you have a 5 point scale with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, make sure a question later on has 1 as the best and 5 the worst. This prevents wrong answers due to familiarity.


8. Ask the right questions

Always ask questions that pertains to what you need! This will help make your feedback a lot more concise and valuable. Not only do you not waste your audience time, you also don’t waste time collecting and analysing data you don’t need.


9. Show Importance

Show important at all times. Whether it is in the designing or collecting or analysing, the more you show importance to it, the better it will be conducted. Showing importance to feedback also means acting on what is said. If nothing is done subsequently, people not bother giving feedback in future.


10. Send Reminders

With technology reminders are a lot easier to send through push notifications and news feeds as compared to traditional pen and paper. Even with this, never forget to give an audible reminder during the event through the Emcee. Encourage and remind but never nag!


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We appreciate your time and we thank you for your feedback!

Shane Meyer

Shane Meyer

Shane is Micepad’s Sales Manager and Content Writer. Having learnt invaluable lessons in different types of events and conferences, he is all set to share his experiences with you in the field of paperless conferences, audience engagement and mobile applications.